Gearing Up! – Apr/May 2017


Tripeak Jetstream Super Ceramic Carbon Cage – RM1,065.00

With their super Ceramic Carbon Cage, Tripeak Jetstream answers the increasing demand to improve drivetrain performance. Through the extremely low friction of the ceramic bearings and the unique design of the overall system, Tripeak Jetstream optimizes the overall efficiency of your drivetrain. Its cage material is made of carbon and alloy with 15/11T and 15/15T. The super ceramic carbon cage is also equipped with the smoothest pulleys with a nearly frictionless feel when spun in hand. This ceramic carbon cage which is available in a plethora of colours is perfect for your next build.

Available at Fiets Sports, +603-6148 3353

Prolite Pedal (6907) – RM160.00

Pedals are one of the basic essentials for your bike, as it is a direct link if you want a secure connection to your drivetrain. With the size of 110mm, 92mm, and 18mm, your shoe is free to move from the pedal and has a firmer grip. Prolite Pedal is made of aluminium with a 3 DU sealed bearing. The MTB flat pedals can offer the best possible way to learn proper techniques while cycling. Prolite Pedal is indeed a fantastic value that is impeccable and very durable to handle a fast and aggressive riding experience!

Available at Tarson Marketing, FB: TRS Bikes

Abus Combiloop 205 – RM105.00

Perfect for securing your gear without the hassle of keeping track of the keys. Abus Combiloop 205 is a versatile companion that is best for locking wheels and forks to car racks and helmets to bikes. Cable is made from a 6.5-foot-long and 5mm-thick braided steel cable with a PVC and synthetic coating on the lock’s body that protects your bike’s finish. The lightweight lock has a soft touch properties for better grip which automatically engages for quick security and easy-to-spin digit wheel combination. The flexible and adjustable loops have a total length of 90cm that can be ideally used and adapted to different objects for different situations.

Available at SA Sport, +603-3358 6650

Vuelta Hyperlite XC Plus – RM4,000.00

Designed for climbing and long-distance riding! Vuelta Hyperlite XC Plus is an all-carbon fiber structure wheel group, using unique asymmetric wheel frame design for both front and the rear. The rims maintain the radial flexibility of the wheel frame to dampen vibrations caused by bumpy road. Its asymmetric wheel frame enhances the lateral rigidity of the wheel set without sacrificing vertical or radial elasticity. With lighter weight and higher strength, the cold forging technology which stretches the spokes reduces the diameter of the spoke ends for increased flexibility.

Available at Tarson Marketing, FB: TRS Bikes

3T Stem MTB Team Stealth – RM359.00

MTB Stem Team Stealth is a new design by 3T tailored expressly for the big hits of mountain biking from Cyclocross to Enduro racing. It has an extended frontal clamping area and tailored stem body to increase stiffness and steering precision. Wider stem clamp and squared-off stem body have exceptional resistance to torsional and bending loads. Titanium Torx bolts for a secure and robust locking. Available in 55mm, 70mm, 85mm and 100mm lengths, all with a 10-degree angle to fit most riders. This stem has a built in AL-alloy, shot-peened finish and black anodized with 3T Stealth logo and weighs at 105g (55mm size).

Available at Yong Advance Cycles, +603-42702519

Oakley Madman Dark Carbon with Ruby Iridium Polarized – RM1,959.00

Creating a bold and unique design which combines extravagance with innovation. Oakley Madman utilizes a High Definition Optics® for an optical accuracy and quality. Engineered with Plutonite® lens material filters out 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays, these lenses offer improved protection against sun, wind and side impact. The Lens Color Ruby Iridium Polarized lenses allow almost full glare reduction thanks to more than 99% polarization efficiency. Oakley Madman is made of O Matter® frame for a lightweight, secure, and contoured fit.

Available at 2Escape, +6016 908 3810

TireCare Preventive Sealant for Bicycles – RM80.00

Nothing ruins your rhythm and pace like a sudden puncture in your tyres halfway through the ride. As the old adage goes, “prevention is better than cure”. TireCare Preventive Sealant can quickly seal punctures to provide the rider with a flat-free race. This sealant can instantly seal up a 6-8mm hole piercing which never blocks the valve and is harmless to the tires. It has natural extract latex, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-hazardous components with a 5 year shelf life.

Available at T Strategy Sdn Bhd, +603-7729 6512

Inno INA 385 Cycle Attachment ST – RM659.32

Keep your bike secure in place! The Inno INA385 is a roof mount bike rack that has a supported diameter of down tube from 22mm to 60mm. INA 385 can securely hold bike by the front and rear wheel through its strap, avoiding potential frame damage. It easily accommodates different tire sizes from 20” to 29” and width tire up to 55mm with hand adjustable stays. INA 385 is indeed the perfect option if you want to mount a bike onto your crossbars without contacting the frame of your bike.

Available at Sea Tackle Sdn Bhd, +603-7875 9888


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