Gadgets Up! – Apr/May 2017


Sigma PC 25.10 – RM389.00

With a digitally coded heart rate monitor and modern design, you can achieve your fitness goals anytime! Sigma PC 25.10 helps track your progress with a multiple memory function to view training total by week (up to 12 weeks), month (up to 12 months) or since reset. An audible zone alarm sounds if you go above or below a programmable heart rate zone. This sporty wristwatch also keeps tracks of total calories burned during a workout. Through the illuminated display and waterproof design of PC 25.10, rainy weather and darkness won’t slow you down.

Available at Evanda, 603- 6038 8928/8929

Ilumenox Slash USB Rechargeable Rear light – RM125.00

This discreet little light from Ilumenox packs a punch with its slender, near-cut design and prism light conductor! Ilumenox Slash Rear Light slashes through the darkness through the super wide-angle illumination and five ultra-bright red SMD LEDs. This rear light is indeed convenient as it can be recharged directly through the built-in concealable USB plug with a power of rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery. The specially designed rubber band with pad can securely installed onto frame tubes or fit any seat posts. Slash is a stylish yet functional light that has a runtime up to 9.5 hrs depending on the use.

Available at Pedalspot, 603-7877 0450

Sigma PC 26.14 – RM399.00

Let’s meet your personal workout and cycling buddy! The Sigma Sport PC 26.14 enables you to train on the four standardized or customized intensity zones. The default settings for the intensity zones are based on BE1, BE1/2, BE2 for development zones and CE for peak zone abbreviations. This fitness tracker possesses an LCD screen that shows the heart rate frequency distribution, calorie counter, and intensity zone indicator during the training session. This dapper looking wristwatch has a battery life up to 365 days and full-text display in 5 different languages.

Available at Evanda, 603- 6038 8928/8929

Sigma BC 1706 HR – RM430.00

Heads up, fitness-oriented cyclists! Sigma BC 1706 HR is now equipped with Digital Transmission System (DTS) which guarantees 100% data security of current speed and pedal frequency. Speed and heart rates are coded and transferred to the device via radio waves that can access through Dot matrix LCD readout with a 7-language settings. Precise training is possible with the current, maximum and average heart rate which are measured as accurate as an ECG. This high-tech device has a double security feature for data transmission so that no data can be lost as well as optimizing a specially developed Sigma chip.

Available at Evanda, 603- 6038 8928/8929

Xeconn Zeta 5000R – RM599.00

Fling a light into the darkness! Xeconn Zeta 5000R is an amazing compact light unit with a wireless remote switch! The Zeta 5000R has three light levels giving runtimes on a fully charged battery from 2 hours on full power to 20 hours on low power. Zeta 5000R features advanced thermal management to ensure that the light level is adjusted if the unit is getting too hot, as the fins are designed to disperse heat with air cooled resistance. The battery pack is waterproofed (to IPX6) in a tight rubber covering and held in a neoprene case with tough velcro straps which attach securely to frame or handlebars. These features sound perfect for blasting along deserted trails at warp speed.

Available at TRS Bikes, FB: TRS Bike

Bryton Mobile App 2016 – Free

Track your rides with ease by using Bryton Mobile App 2016! The seamless over-the-air synchronization will allow you to view the progress of your activities, graphical analysis and even share them to social media with just one click. Your tracks and intensive workout data can be synced via WLAN/BLE as long as it is supported by Bryton GPS computers. With a basic setup, Bryton app’s STRAVA Auto Sync also makes it easier for you to share your activities to STRAVA and compare it with your fellow cyclists. Through the follow track feature you can search a destination and plan a route ahead of time.

Available at App or Play Store

MyCampy App – Free 

There is now a countless array of digital components to cyclists, going along with this trend is Campagnolo’s MyCampy app. The software expands the functionality of Campagnolo’s EPS (electronic power shift) V3 groupset while keeping it handy for the users to track the service life of each part of the bike. One of the amazing highlights this App possess is the way it brings together multiple data streams to add a new dimension to cycling metrics. The cyclist can also program how the rear derailleur moves when you hold down a shift lever with the multi-shift setting. You can now break down your performance into tangible figures with MyCampy!

Available at App or Play Store

Sun Ding Wireless Bike Computer (548C) – RM55.00 

A multifunctional wireless speedometer which gives you virtual access on all the cycling data that you need. Its LCD has a real-time display of the current bike speed, odometer, distance covered, maximum speed, average speed, elapsed time, clock and vital functions for pro and novice cyclists alike. This bike computer has imported sensors to provide stable performance, accurate speed and is water resistant for all weather conditions. The gadget is indeed user-friendly as the instructions are included in the system and is programmed quickly for immediate use. Reliable, durable and an ideal companion on your every cycling trips!

Available at Lian Xin Enterprise, 606-976 5477


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