The Tri With A Hitch Obstacles have never been this fun!


Obstacles Triathlon, Created By Kk Lim And Ng Yuan Jun, Is A Fresh Breath Of Air For Adventurers. Located At Bukit Tadom, The 39 Acres Of Land Is Filled With Obstacle Courses That Will Surely Test Your Mettle.

KK Lim is an engineer whose finest work includes setting up a resort in Pahang that has plenty of outdoor adventure activities, while Ng Yuan Jun is an IT entrepreneur who is successful in creating apps and web pages for travel companies. Together, they formed Tadom Hill Adventure Sdn Bhd, to create an exciting platform for sports.

“We got to know this place through a friend. We’ve leased it from the orang asli and turned it into a team building spot. There are limestone hills, palm trees and an 8 to 12m deep lake. We brainstormed on how to make it a sustainable obstacle base. Other than team building activities, we also have zip lines and water activities. We set up the place in January 2015 and had a soft launch in March,” said Lim.


“There are plenty of marathons, and obstacle courses are hot in the market, so we’ve decided to see what happens when we merge them together. We’ve had our in-house water series such as the Warrior Sprint, Warrior Revolution and the upcoming Warrior Madness in November. This will be our first time organizing an Obstacles Triathlon. We wanted to do something even more challenging and since we don’t have this kind of challenge anywhere else, we had to do it!”

The Obstacles Triathlon will consist of 500m of swimming, 20km of cycling and 5km of running. There will be 3 obstacles for the swim, 5 obstacles for the bike, and 15 obstacles for the run to top it all off!


The team, however, is making sure safety is highly regarded. “It always comes back to safety issues,” said Yuan Jun.

With plenty of obstacle courses, the team carefully designed and chose the type of obstacles for each section. There are 3 categories: Individual, Double Relay and Team (3 in a group) and there will be 500 slots allocated for the triathlon.

The entire team consists of management and operations, taking care of the planning and scheduling, marketing and sales, and site operations, which take instructions from us. Other than that, we have part timers to help with the course setup.

So, exactly how long does it take to set up this course? It took 6 months to develop the idea and build the course and about 4 weeks to set up the obstacles.

“We want to make sure everyone is having some good fun. This is a sprint race and if it all goes well, we will definitely extend to a longer course next year. It all, of course, depends on the response we get from the race participants,” said Lim.

We asked what the participants should expect when they join this triathlon, to which they replied, “Expect a lot of fun!”

“We ultimately go back to the participants. We want to see how much fun they’re having,” said Yuan Jun

The team organizes team building courses as well. From corporate training to inter-department races, they’ve got all the obstacle courses you need.

The Obstacles Triathlon will be held on the 28th of November 2015 at Kampung Orang Asli, Bukit Tadom at 7am. Cycling Malaysia and Running Malaysia are the official media partner and co-organizer of the event.

This race will require some good endurance skills.


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