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From the Eagle Village, Hawkvi comes soaring, taking you closer to nature through its two wheels.

Constantly developing more advanced products with the needs of riders in mind, Hawkvi redefines innovation in aerodynamics.

When conversations among cyclists turn to upgrades, wheels always take center stage. Introducing a range of carbon wheels that afford significant weight, time and power savings, Hawkvi understands how wheels are to road bikes what engines are to cars.

Hawkvi’s E3 and E6 tubular wheels, plus the Z4 and Z5 clincher wheels, among others, are allowing cycling with nature take on a different meaning with their enhanced braking force and durability. These models don’t disappoint on their wind-cutting profiles and their stiffness to weight ratio that keep you rolling fast.

With the brake surface treatment applied on them, the wheels let you push harder under both wet and dry conditions in improved braking efficiency. Even the resistance to tyre air pressure and brake heat ensure a compliant ride.

Test your wheel of choice’s aero performance. Catch you on the fly!

the wheels let you push harder under both wet and dry conditions in improved braking efficiency.


Born to climb mountains. And win.
No wheel is lighter or more agile, designed to confront the toughest ascents and power through every bend. The high TG exposy full carbon rim and the hubs with over size flange, axle, bearing assure the maximum power transmission. Racing E3 tubular wheel is entirely hand-assembled by a specialized Hawkvi technician and is checked in every tiny detail. This ensures maximum performance and reliability for all Hawkvi wheels. The E3 is the best teammate, who take you to everywhere.


Hawkvi E6 is major designed for road and triathlon. The high 210 TG exposy full carbon rim with 24 rim width aero rim shape. Ultra smooth hub and maximum power transmission ability. To cheats the wind, saving time and watts in all conditions.


Z4 is the most practical racing wheel in Hawkvi family. Exclusive 210 TgMAX technology, middle profile rim, easy to change tire and reliable braking performance.


The best combination of reliability and lightweight for the most versatile aero wheelset. Thanks to the exclusive 210 TgMAX technology, Hawkvi ZEAL series carbon clincher solution is the most reliable and dynamic clincher wheelset ever. Maximum Glass Transition Temperature. It’s the composite technology combine with Hawkvi UAR structure (U SHAPE Alloy reinforcement). The most reliable carbon rim, able to resist the highest abuse by the most brutal riders in the worst conditions.

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