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German Firm Sks Has Been Making Accessories For General Cycling Use Since The 1930s. Today, They Are Known For Their Range Of Bicycle Pumps, Mudguards And Other Bike Accessories. Sks Makes Lightweight, Robust And Versatile Equipment To Suit Almost Any Type Of Bicycle Being Put To Any Sort Of Service. Depending On Your Needs, Sks Can Even Provide You With Full Coverage Fenders For Your Mountain Bike, Should You Decide To Press It Into Daily Commuter Service.

Tool Wrap

Rummaging for stuff through a multitude of plastic shopping bags can grow old fast, especially by the side of the road in failing light. A good way of keeping things organised inside your pannier is through an SKS tool wrap. This simple canvas roll keeps all your major tools and other necessary equipment in one place inside your pannier, and stops things from rattling around. It keeps stuff ready for easy access if you get into the habit of packing it last and putting it right on top of everything when preparing for a trip. Made from tough canvas, the SKS Tool Wrap is essential equipment for the hard core cyclist.

Saddle Bags

An under seat saddle bag is a good way of keeping essentials and emergency tools in one quick access place. SKS saddle bags come in a variety of sizes, and attachment points will vary between velcro straps or screw clamps that attach to the saddle rails, or a seat post clamp. SKS saddle bags are waterproof, and able to carry a tube, multi tool and patch kits. Some models are expandable to accommodate larger loads, and most have a strap to attach a rear light. Made out of robust ballistic nylon, SKS saddle bags will last the life of your bike

Air Pumps

An air pump is essential equipment, and should always be carried on your bike. SKS pumps come in a variety of models, usually related to length, weight and air volume. You can choose from slim, high pressure models suited to road bikes, to dual stage, telescopic pumps that double air volume and are perfect for mountain bikes with their large volume tubes. There are even floor standing pumps for you to choose from, great for the home workshop, or on standby in the boot of your car. SKS air pumps also come with dual fittings, to suit Presta or Schrader valves.

All SKS air pumps come with a secure frame mounting, and are easy to access when needed, or are small enough to slip into a jersey pocket.

Mudguards/Wheel Guards

The SKS range of wheel guards is second to none, catering to almost every type of bike, no matter what your wheel size, or intended riding is. Models range from short blade designs that are meant to be taken off quickly when needed for a mountain bike, to full coverage guards that protect against the worst of road grime and wheel spray off you while commuting.

SKS guards are made from lightweight Chromoplastic, or high impact ABS for the off-road models. There is an SKS guard designed for almost every tyre width, and most road models come with a quick detach fitting to prevent damage in case you drop your bike.

SKS distributed by Shiro (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and can be contacted at


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