Gadgets Up! – Dec 2014/Jan 2015

Lezyne Mega Drive LED Light – RM680.00

Cyclists in search of a high output, high intensity light need to look no further than the Lezyne Mega Drive LED Light. Pumping out an awesome 1,000 lumens, the beam throw and spread of the Mega Drive is enough for almost anything except hard core off road night riding. In full burn 1,200 lumen mode, the Mega drive lasts for an hour and 20 minutes. Switching to economy mode lets the light shine on for a claimed 15 hours. The USB rechargeable battery is user switchable, and replacements are available from Lezyne. A secure handlebar mount is included as standard, and the machined aluminium casing is water resistant.

Available at Ngee Cycle Trading Sdn. Bhd., 603-6151 2119


Suunto Ambit3 Sport – RM1,799.00 with HRM (RM2,599.00 for Sapphire)

Suunto’s Ambit 3 Sport allows multi discipline athletes to take all their readings and put them in one collection point for eventual upload to the fitness app of their choice. Moving away from the ANT+ of the Ambit 2, the Ambit 3 now uses Bluetooth for sensor connections. The watch contains selections for any sort of sport you may choose to do, and is perfect for triathletes to track and monitor their workouts. 5 buttons control all the major functions, and charging and connecting with various online apps, including Suunto’s own Movescount app, is via USB cable. Of specific advantage to swimmers is that the Ambit 3 captures both heart rate and swim metrics.

Available at UFL Sdn. Bhd., 603-6275 9544


Cateye Volt 100 (HL-EL 150RC) – RM119.00

Cateye is well-known for their lighting products and 2014’s Volt 100 delivers as promised. With 300 lumens of light from the single high intensity white LED, the Volt 100 runs for 3 hours on high mode. Switching to flashing mode stretches out run time to 60 hours, with 3 alternate modes in between. While not as bright as the top end models in Cateye’s range, the Volt 100 is perfect as a general purpose, back-up or commuting light. Charging time is claimed to be 6 hours, cut down to 3 hours with the optional cradle, and recharging is via USB cable. Optional batteries are available to extend riding time, and a helmet mount is included together with the standard handlebar mount.

Available at Gin Huat Cycle Trading Sdn. Bhd., 603-6038 3703


Garmin Forerunner® 920XT – RM1,799.00 (with HRM-Run)

Garmin’s Forerunner series of multi sport watches are functional items of equipment that are a must for any professional or serious amateur who wants to get the best out of their training. The Forerunner 920XT measures a whole suite of metrics. In running, measurements include cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time. For swimmers, the Forerunner clocks swim distance, pace, stroke type identification, stroke count, drill logging and rest timers. Pairing the watch up with the optional Vector pedal pod allows riders to track power output as well. This slim form factor watch connects to various fitness apps with a USB cable and cradle.

Available at AECO Technologies (M) Sdn. Bhd., 603 9285 8062


Lezyne KTV Pro Lights – RM150.00

Being seen on the road while cycling, especially at night, is extremely important. Addressing that, Lezyne’s KTV Pro Lights function as front and rear safety lights with a 70 lumen output in front and 7 lumens at the back to catch the eye of other vehicles on the road. Casings are made from aluminium for lightness and water resistance. Mounting is easy with the supplied silicone straps, and will accommodate a range of bar and seatpost sizes. Charging is done by USB, and the Lezyne KTV Pro Lights come in black or chrome.

Available at Ngee Cycle Trading Sdn. Bhd., 603-6151 211


Knog Blinder Road 3 – RM279.00 

Knog from Australia are known for their high quality, high performance lights, and the Blinder Road 3 builds on the reputation of the previous Road 2. Coming with 2 Cree XB-D LEDs, this light puts out 300 lumens for an hour in full blast mode. Using the flashing or low modes will extend run time. The two LEDs are set in separate wide and narrow focus reflectors, giving the rider a good spread of light and lots of forward visibility. Weighing a claimed 105 grams, the Blinder Road 3 is USB rechargeable, and comes with handlebar and helmet mounts.

Available at Pedalspot, 603-7877 0450


Giant Rechargeable Lithium Battery Zooming Light – RM120.00

This rechargeable light from Giant performs double duty while mounted on your bike as headlight or in your hand as torchlight. With 180 lumens of lighting power from the 3W LED, there is a zoom function that allows you to control the spread of the light beam. The aluminium case is water resistant, and there are three light modes: high, low and flashing. Giant claims 4 to 5 hours of light from a single charge, and the battery will take over 300 charging cycles. A tool-free handlebar mount is included, as is a hand strap.

Available at Sin Boon Seng, 604-468 6263


Wahoo Fitness RFLKT+ – RM459.00

If you’re an iPhone user, the Fitness RFKLT+ from Wahoo may be the perfect complement to your cycling computer needs. Using Bluetooth, the RFLKT+ connects to your iPhone using the fitness app available from Wahoo’s website. With the Wahoo HRM and cadence sensors (optional), this minimalist cycle computer will display all the necessary functions, while taking speed and altitude readings from the GPS on your iPhone. The advantage is that you can control the music on your iPhone while riding, if you’re that type of rider. The bad thing is the RFLKT+ only works when an iPhone is present and hooked up.

Available at DISTExpress Malaysia, 603-9054 6199


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