A Long-Lasting Impact – The Genius of Rudy Project

Rudy Project’s involvement in cycling includes providing passionately designed and highly engineered eyewear for cyclists for nearly thirty years now. With the launch of the 2015 Impact X2, Rudy Project has elevated their performance, so that you can elevate yours.

Rudy Project, based in Treviso, Italy, has been in the business of providing high performance eyewear to cyclists for almost 3 decades. Rudy Project’s ‘Diffusion’ in 1985 gave us what we would today recognise as the prototypical cycling sunglasses. Rudy built upon this initial success, leading to 1999’s much loved ‘Tayo’. Bernard Hinault was one of the the superstars of cycling to don Rudy Project eyewear, as well as Jan Ullrich ten years later, and through that long lineage of constant research and development, along with essential feedback from their athletes, has lead to the 2015 Impact X2.

Rudy Project Product Launch

Launched at the Rudy Project flagship store in Jaya Shopping Center, Section 14, Petaling Jaya on October 31st, the Impact X2 is an evolution in design of the original Impact X. The Impact X2 came about from cyclists wanting a lens that would allow them to ride in changing light conditions, without having to remove their eyewear, or having to change lenses. This is a situation all cyclists know, such as when riding into or out of a tunnel, or from a heavily wooded area into an open field.


2015 Impact X2

This is where the photochromic optics of the Impact X2 gives the cyclist an advantage. The lenses of the Impact X2 have been developed to activate and darken 25% faster than the previous Impact X lens. They also activate in natural light while behind surfaces that screen UV rays, for example tinted car windscreens. This means that no matter what the ambient levels or conditions, Impact X2 lenses will automatically darken and reduce glare, while cutting out harmful UV rays. Their photochromic range has been increased an incredible 65% over the previous model, all adding up to giving the cyclist a comfortable ride during the day, without the associated eye strain of riding in bright sunlight and glare.

As Rudy Project believes strongly in incorporating the feedback from cyclists using their eyewear in real world conditions, as well as subjecting them to the stress and abuse of racing, all Impact X2 lenses are unbreakable. This gives the wearer an added measure of safety, as previous generations of polycarbonate and CR39 plastic lenses were likely to shatter on impact, potentially causing injury to the wearer. This danger has been eliminated with the Impact X2, as was shown by a demonstration where the lens was smashed with a hammer, and folded in two, without any signs of breaking or shattering.

Further information given back to Rudy Project has also led them to introduce the Impact X2 in 3 different shades, the Laserblack HDR, Laserred HDR and Laserbrown HDR. All 3 lenses will change from a semi transparent clear shade into one of the aforementioned lens shades, at the same time cutting down glare and increasing contrast, allowing the cyclist to see better under extreme light conditions. The Laserbrown HDR is designated for ‘Comfort’, suitable for slower paced sports or less extreme conditions, while the Laserred HDR is designed for ‘Racing’, giving the highest levels of contrast and light filtration. The Laserblack HDR is for “All Around” use, giving overall best performance to suit a multitude of sports and light conditions.

Rudy Project’s HDR lens stands for ‘High Dynamic Range’. This trademarked process gives the Impact X2 wearer exceptional clarity. Much like the lens of a high end camera, HDR provides extraordinary contrast definition, along with bright colours and extremely distinct object outlines. This is done with pigments incorporated into the lenses, which filter out light wavelengths that are not perceived by the human eye, giving the user an image with high contrast and definition.

The Rudy Project Impact X2 is designed for the cyclist wanting to incorporate the latest design in eyeglasses into their equipment list in order to be technically ahead of the game.

The Rudy Project Impact X2 and other Rudy Project eyewear and products are available at the Rudy Project Concept Store in Jaya Shopping Center, and Rudy Project dealers throughout Malaysia.


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