Bolting Through The Road




As a cycling coach for The Ride School, Sue Teoh has to be one step ahead when it comes to work. We learned that there is only one implement that Sue uses in her schedule—planning, planning, and more planning! “The key to find a balance between work and sports is planning. There is no routine for me, so I have to plan my training, and adjust my clients to my training program. When I plan ahead, it is easier to adjust accordingly.”

Sue also teaches general fitness, stroke corrections for swimming, and trains adult swimmers who want to compete in triathlons. Currently, she is training more swimmers than runners, and she offers one-on-one and even group training. As for the Ride School, Sue spends her time coaching and developing biking skills and other variety of skill sets for students from the age of 8 to 13 years old. What a way to inspire kids to take on cycling!

Additionally, Sue is very strict when it comes to road safety. Other than her sunglasses, a must-have when on the road is her helmet. “No helmet, no ride!” She further explained that being on the road can be quite dangerous. “This is due to the lack of awareness motorists have toward cyclists. They think we shouldn’t be on the road. But the fact is that both parties should play their roles. Cyclists should abide by the road rules and be aware. Motorists, on the other hand, should watch out for us, because there’s only so much we can do, as we are also road users. Respect and give us way.”


One of her most-awaited races was the 4th Asian Beach Games. Held in Phuket, this Duathlon is one of the most competitive races around. Being able to participate in this race was Sue’s end year goal and her recent PD Duathlon was just a training ground. In this race, Sue competed in the sprint version of 5km run, 20km cycling and another 2.5km run.

Other than that, Sue’s future goals are to get more clients for her personal coaching and The Ride School. “My personal goal is to get in the SEA Games in April 2015. Just like the Asian Beach Games, only two athletes are chosen to represent Malaysia, and I am hoping to get the opportunity.”

Sue definitely has plenty of exciting races to compete in. She has worked hard to represent our country, and we know that there are many proud malaysians supporting her. A triathlete with ambition, Sue Teoh is out to show the world her true prowess in the sport.


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