Right Seat, Right Game

One important component many riders overlook when upgrading their bikes is their choice of saddle. WTB is known for their innovative cycle specific components, and has a saddle to support any kind of cycling.

Saddles can be a sore point for many cyclists. The wrong choice of saddle means numbness and pain in areas of your anatomy that you really don’t want to think about. Choose a saddle that will make you enjoy a comfortable ride, rather than make you wish the ride to end. WTB has been in the business of making saddles and other cycling-specific components since 1982. If you ask any random rider if they’ve sat on a WTB saddle, the answer is very likely to be yes. WTB makes a wide range of saddles to suit any rider for almost every cycling sport, be it top flight racing, or recreational riding and touring.



While there are numerous variations between saddles, some of the key points to consider are the saddle shape, the cover and the profile. Saddle shape is key to ensuring you have a comfortable ride, with your body weight supported in the correct places. If you’re a rider or a racer putting in long miles in the saddle, or looking for proper support that you are not getting from the slimmer, racier saddles, the WTB Volt may be the one for you. The Volt is a blending of the best features of the Silverado and Devo saddles in WTB’s lineup. The slightly wider tail and a gentle droop in the nose allow you to push back when climbing, while the middle length allows you move about during those high mileage days. A key feature is the pronounced cut-out in the middle that WTB refers to as the “love channel”, and is designed to relieve pressure on the soft parts of your body.



If you’re the more aggressive type of rider, then you will be looking at rather different criteria for your saddle. The WTB High Tail is a sleek, cut down saddle that is targeted to the balls-out downhill and fast enduro rider. The strong chromoly rails are meant to take the toughest punishment a rider can dish out, but the High Tail saddle is a slight racing light, due to its minimalist design. The High Tail is notable for its cut out tail end, meant to allow for extra rear wheel clearance when the seat post is dropped for descents. The High Tail isn’t as plushly padded as the other saddle in the WTB range, reflecting its more hard core intentions, but WTB’s DNA padding gives you support in the right places when necessary. The High Tail would also be a good saddle for the fast road rider who is looking for a sleek saddle to suit the lines of a swoopy carbon framed racer. For the weight weenie, the High Tail also has titanium and carbon railed versions that save weight, but add cost.



For the rider who knows what he or she wants, then the WTB Silverado would pretty much be the weapon of choice. Designed for the elite racer, the Silverado comes with a generous ‘Love Channel”, as well as cut out ‘Comfort Zones’ that allow for the saddle to flex and prevent injury to your sensitive areas. A mistake many new riders make is to install the thickest padded saddle they can find. This is not the best choice, as there has to be a balance between comfort and being able to cycle efficiently without wasting energy with unnecessary movement. The Silverado’s padding is set on the firm side, which will require the use of cycling shorts, but also means that high mileage efforts will have you coming away smiling, and not worrying about saddle sores and chafing.


Choosing your saddle is not a decision to be rushed. WTB offers saddles that include rail materials made from carbon, titanium, chromoly and nickel-moly. Rail material also plays a part in the way your saddle will perform, so if possible, arrange for test rides with your local bike shop to appraise the range of WTB saddles.



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