Bolting Through The Road

Sue Teoh was thrown into the swimming pool at the age of 8. With her two elder brothers being active in swimming, she was not exempted from the sport. She plunged right into the world of sports and there’s no stopping her since.

In 2007, with encouragement from her friends, she did her first relay. Determined to finish a triathlon, she picked up cycling and got her first secondhand bike, Trek.

This 35-year-old triathlete is always geared up for the challenge. Recently, she beat her own best score in the PD Triathlon in just 2 hours and 16 minutes.



Sue’s transition from swimming to triathlon was nothing short of determination. When she started biking, she trained with her friends in routes like Ulu Langat, Bukit Tunku on the 5km loops, then she would train for her running. “For me, getting on the bicycle was easy as I was already active; it was just a matter of getting used to it. I did RPM classes and strength training so I was able to pick it up quickly.”

Also a private coach, Sue involved herself in eclectic sports such as mountain biking, trail running, adventure races and rock climbing. “Strengthening the upper body helps in swimming, too!”

We asked what her training routine was like for the PD Duathlon. “I would usually clock in 15 to 16 hours a week. I am following a monthly training plan. I coach in the morning, evening, and train in between.”

When it comes to triathlon, she would clock in 18 hours, reducing her running sessions and adding more swimming sessions. “I don’t train based on distance. I train based on endurance, power and time.” Sue prefers sprint version races. “It has high intensity—definitely short and sweet,” she laughed. “I don’t have enough time for a long distance training. Besides, I like speed!”

With a need for speed, what bikes does Sue use to shred some good trails? As for mountain biking, she uses a Scott Scale 50. “I love to use this bike for drops and obstacles.” As for road biking, she rides a Willier Cento 1 2012. “I like road bikes for speed, and I definitely love chasing people down!”

Riding two types of bikes, she opts for different routes for each bike. “For road bike, I always ride in Genting Sempah, Cameron and Frasers. It has a lot of uphill climbs, and people always tell me that due to my weight, I can climb easily. But I still think you need a lot of energy and strength to do that!” As for mountain biking, Sue rides in Bukit Kiara. “There are many different routes to take, and it is never the same as the previous one. There could be a fallen tree or it could be muddy or dry—it’s always a good challenge!”

So how does a competitive triathlete such as Sue handle her diet? “I need to eat enough to replenish all the calories I burnt, so I don’t follow a strict diet. I definitely have more protein to avoid losing my muscle mass and more carbohydrates to give me energy. But I always strive to have a balanced diet and stay away from fast food.”

That works the same prior to a race. “Don’t eat anything you don’t usually eat, and definitely avoid spicy food.”


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