Malaysian Rider’s Life In MCO: Hasmat Kep


In an effort to control the COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia, the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented.

Malaysian riders have been hunkered down in their homes amid the MCO, which cause them being unable to ride outside. However, the MCO did not stop them from riding. Here’s how Dr. Hasmat Abdul Aziz (Kep) is handling the MCO:

Hasmat Kep is a professional cyclist and track cyclist.

How has MCO/PKP affected your riding?

Before MCO, my training included riding indoor and outdoor alternately during the weekdays and weekends. My indoor training programs focused on intensity and interval using smart trainer while outdoor program focused on endurance and speedwork. Due to MCO, I am only able to train indoor using my smart trainer.

What kind of indoor training have you been doing during this period?

During MCO, I spend a minimum of two hours per day riding on trainer. To make it interesting, I’ve subscribed to Zwift, which enables me to ride different routes with other riders from all around the world. To maintain my stamina and endurance, I spend a minimum of five hours riding on trainer on Saturday and Sunday. In addition, I also do other workouts such as jump rope, abs workout, push up, lunges, squats, plank etc. for an hour per day.

How has indoor training helped you during this period?

Indoor training helps me in maintaining my stamina and endurance to ensure I will not face difficulties to get back on track after MCO.

How’s your diet during MCO/PKP?

Basically, my diet did not change that much because I still maintain active during MCO. I also continue to consume supplements from Beet It Sport and Science in Sport during my training. I still hold on to my principle #EatCleanTrainDirtyAndSleepLikeABaby

What are your alternative indoor sporting activities during this period?

There are times when I don’t feel like riding on trainer. I just do workouts – with and without basic gym equipments. I believe that an athlete should never go more than two days without exercise. Even there is no possibility of any championships soon but the hard work continues.


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