Malaysian Rider’s Life In MCO: Faz Adhili


In an effort to control the COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia, the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented.

Malaysian riders have been hunkered down in their homes amid the MCO, which cause them being unable to ride outside. However, the MCO did not stop them from riding. Here’s how Faz Adhili is handling the MCO:

Faz Adhili is an amateur cyclist and the founder of a bike retail store.

How has MCO/PKP affected your riding?

Riding still goes on as usual but it is only limited to indoor riding mostly via Zwift and other online platforms. I would say I’ve shortened up the duration of every ride. I find it hard to find motivation to ride anything more than 2 hours on my trainer.

What kind of indoor training have you been doing during this period?

I have a basic roller and a smart trainer at home and as mentioned earlier, I spend most of my time riding with our group from Cycling Selangor and Plan A via Zwift. Also at the same time, I’ve been working on my weakness which is my upper body strength, which is a common problem for most cyclists and new skill set like juggling ball to fix my eye coordination and my reflexibility.

How has indoor training helped you during this period?

It’s hard to find motivation to ride indoor everyday. So Im trying to add some fun by trying new stuff. I also help me to develope new skill set which I never knew I can pull it off! With less distraction, I get to be more focus too.

How’s your diet during MCO/PKP?

I eat a lot better and I’ve been losing weight, probably because I’ve been cooking and eating at home more. I get to control every single ingredient in my food and drinks. This has got to do with my sleeping pattern too, which I have got more rest than ever.

What are your alternative indoor sporting activities during this period?

My agility and eye coordination are pretty bad. So I play a lot with tennis ball just to work on my agility. It’s pretty stressful in the beginning, but once I got the drills, it’s really fun!


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