Malaysian Rider’s Life In MCO: Zamri Saleh


In an effort to control the COVID-19 outbreak in Malaysia, the Movement Control Order (MCO) was implemented.

Malaysian riders have been hunkered down in their homes amid the MCO, which cause them being unable to ride outside. However, the MCO did not stop them from riding. Here’s how Zamri Saleh is handling the MCO:



Zamri Saleh is a professional road cyclist, who rides for TSG Terengganu Cycling Team.

How has MCO/PKP affected your riding?

This Movement Control Order (MCO) is not faced by us alone, but by all Malaysians. We must stay at home for now. For me, it’s okay now so far so good. Just keep training, as usual, keep yourself healthy and stay safe.

What kind of indoor training have you been doing during this period?

During this Movement Control Order (MCO), I only do indoor training which is spin training on my indoor trainer in the morning and abs core training in the afternoon.

How has indoor training helped you during this period?

To ensure that my training is effective, I will make sure I always follow the program organized by my coach and also keep in touch and ask him if I have any questions in his training program.

How’s your diet during MCO/PKP?

Regarding diets during this period, I still stick to a healthy diet as usual. This is because indoor cycling is not the same as cycling outside. Outdoor training more often I do long-distance cycling but the 2-3 hour indoor cycling is considered too long.

What are your alternative indoor sporting activities during this period?

I will always cycle indoor together with teammates and friends all over Malaysia through the Zwift platform. There are times when we run our own races online. And as I said previously, I sometimes do my abs core workout after I finish my spin on the trainer.


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