Maxxis Launches Road Bike Tires


Without a single doubt, there is nothing better than mountain biking on Maxxis. Maxxis has produced the premium mountain bike tires for you, whether you’re riding on hardpack, loose dirt or mud.

Maxxis has developed with a relentless focus on quality, integrity, and innovation. Maxxis has evolved into what it is now – the world’s top ten manufacturers of tires. Maxxis has ensured that everyone can count on its high-quality tires.

Apart from its notability of manufacturing mountain bike tires, Maxxis has also launched its road bike tires, which are used at competition level. These are the Maxxis’ 2019 new road tires.

High Road


The High Road is Maxxis’ flagship road tire for elite racers and riders who demand the best equipment. It features Maxxis’ all-new HYPR Compound which decreases rolling resistance while increasing wet traction, a K2 breaker beneath the tread for puncture protection, and a light and supple 120 TPI casing.

HYPR – New full slica compound

HYPR is a full-silica compound and Maxxis’ best-performing compound to date. Compared to its previous road racing compound, HYPR has 16% less rolling resistance with 23% better grip in wet conditions. Impressively, HYPR decreases rolling resistance and increases traction, all while keeping durability equal to Maxxis’ previous rubber compounds.



The Pursuer is the newest road clincher in the Maxxis line. Taking what Maxxis learned from the development of the HYPR Compound for its flagship High Road tire, the Pursuer uses an all-new full-silica rubber compound. This new compound decreases rolling resistance while improving tread wear and cornering performance. For logging trouble-free training miles and casual group rides, choose the Pursuer.


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