Sports Eyewear 101: Frame Technology


The design of Rudy Project’s glasses has been developed in accordance with the practical requirements of sports lovers. Rudy Project’s products, therefore, are directly inspired by performance and are created in pure, dynamic, and ergonomic forms.

Physical activities differ quite significantly in terms of body movement and position, and also in terms of the different types of visual requirements. For instance, a cyclist holds a composed and crouched position in the saddle for long periods focusing on the road, while on the other hand, a marathon runner runs long distance for long hours in all directions.

These particular needs stimulate the design of the most highly-advanced sunglasses and prescription glasses for any kind of sports. The frame of the glasses plays a significant role in protecting the eyes against sunrays, on one hand, and in guaranteeing a full visual field on the other hand.

Total Comfort

Rudy Project sunglasses are entirely conceived to offer unparalleled comfort and perfect fit. Designed by biometric engineers, tested by professional athletes, most of their products incorporates phenomenal comfort solution, complete adjustability, and full customization. Rudy project products perfectly fit the physical features of each ethnic group.

Rudy Project frames are designed to provide total comfort, fog-free performance and technically cool styling for people playing hard. Hundreds of patents, innovative design, and advanced materials research keep the brand on the cutting edge.

Innovative Materials

Unifying seamlessly advanced design technology and materials science, most of the performance models blend cutting-edge ergonomic features with advanced aerospatial alloys, such as Rudy Project’s proprietary Kynetium, Grilamid, and advanced polymers to create extremely lightweight, versatile, and high-performance sunglasses.

Prescription Frames

Designed for sport but ideal for any occasion, the Sport Utility Frames (SUF) serve up fashionable, functional and flexible eyewear option for individuals with correction needs.

The SUF models – Impulse, Maya, and Vulcan feature a removable optical clip which can be easily inserted or removed according to the demands of the wearers. The design and innovative materials make SUF models perfect for sports and everyday life thanks to a wide range of colors and frames.

  • Impulse


Impulse SUF (Sport Utility Frame) is dedicated to all those who want the freedom of switching from a clear lens to a colored one with just a click! It is the ideal solution for those who need prescription lenses but at the same time want a frame with a sporty look.

Impulse SUF also features total comfort system, designed by biometric engineers and tested by professional sportspeople. This system integrates all of Rudy Project’s phenomenal ergonomic solutions to provide matchless comfort and a totally personalized fit.

Impulse SUF can be used with any kind of standard lenses, with its patented RX Direct Clip System. With this exclusive new frame, you can choose monofocal or progressive lenses of any material, color, and coating.

  • Maya

Extremely versatile

Maya SUF is extremely versatile, which can be fitted with any type of lens, colors, and materials – glass, static, monofocal, progressive, photochromic or polycarbonate, providing themselves as the ideal solution for those who need high corrective factors.

Conceived for cyclists with prescription problems, Maya has created a flexible design combination – a vision correction sports model, thanks to its single-lens system which adapts to every light condition, and all-purpose prescription glasses which are for the office, driving or watching movies.

Maya SUF also guarantees comfort, lightweight and perfect fit, ensured by the Grilamid frame, the Kynetium temples, the 360-degree adjustable ends, and the ergonomic Ergo IV bridge. The secret of this versatility is found in the single-lens frame, with its handy outer flip-up technology, patented by Rudy Project that is handy, comfortable, and easy to use.

  • Vulcan

Easily removable


The brand new Vulcan is one of the smartest solutions for sports prescription wearers. With removable temple tips, nose pads, emblems, and clips, it can be endlessly configured. Featuring a Grilamid frame and a new hinge lock system without screws, the Vulcan’s dynamic vented design provides unbeatable all-day comfort. Perfect for RX, with interchangeable full rim optical clips that come in a wide array of customizable color combos.

Graphene Compound

Rudy Project has developed an exclusive collection of leading products using a special compound of the world’s most revolutionary material: Graphene (available for Tralyx and Defender only).

Lighter than carbon but stiffer than diamond, Graphene boasts unique multifunctional molecular properties: ultra resistance, anti-scratch superiority, and exceptional stability while achieving a superb semi-polished deep grey finish naturally obtained during injection moulding.

No paint is needed, irregularities and patterns in the mass are proof of the unique process, making every single piece one of a kind.

Rudy Project Sport Utility Frames & Graphene are available at

Rudy Project Concept Store –Lot G-9A, Jaya Shopping Centre


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