Can’t Tahan The Heat? These 2 Items You Never Knew You Needed


Q: I want to go on a bicycle tour in the tropics. What is your advice?

A: Beat the heat and cool your body.

Like it or not, you can’t avoid the hot weather.

It is relatively hard to find a long network of shaded roads and cool climate in most tropical countries. However, Malaysia is a beautiful tropical country that offers exciting adventure, taking you to the off-beaten tracks, challenging mountain treks, sandy beaches, and breath-taking rainforests.

Despite the heat, you just can’t wait to discover the spectacular landscapes.

With these 2 items, you can take them along for your biking excursion, through scenery that will make all of your friends at home jealous. Open up your senses and pedal on!

Neck scarves are not only meant to be stylish, but also multifunctional tools to protect you from the heat, and to keep your neck dry in hot weather.

Just like anywhere else, the neck is an important part of your body. With its closeness to your head and brain, it is also an important point which protects the nerves, carries sensory, and motor information from the brain to the rest of your body.

In tropical countries, it can bring heat waves. While pedaling, you definitely would not want heat exhaustion to happen. So, protecting and cooling your neck is essential to keep you safe. The best cooling neck wraps are infinitely more effective than pouring your head with ice water.

While 3M High UV Protection Neck Cooler may look like your average wad of fabric, the entire lining is produced in special seamless technology for outstanding wearability. We understand, you probably do not like the discomfort to have something wrapping around your neck.

The 3M Neck Cooler has high elasticity and flexibility in all directions. It would ensure you a pleasant bicycle tour by wicking your sweat away and shielding you from the merciless ultraviolet ray.

Cool body, happy journey.

Never underestimate the power of ultraviolet ray!

Rain or shine, you still have to carry on with your journey.

It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. The sun is beating mercilessly on your back. Your sweat is trickling down your spine.

Basking in the delicious intoxicating sunlight, you slowly realize that your exposed arms are still feeling refreshed. Keeping your two wheels rolling, you are thankful to have 3M UV Protection Cool Arm Sleeves dealt with high temperatures and sun exposure directly to your arms.

A sunburn is a killer riding in the heat. The 3M Cool Arm Sleeves protects your skin with SPF 50+, cooling effect and excellent breathability. For long rides, it complements you with its high absorbency, wind resistance, and quick-drying, so that you would not feel sweaty and sticky on your arms.

Worry not! Just Quality stitching is important for comfort, fit, and durability. It is made of 3D seamless pattern and non-sewing line, minimizing chafing with skin and preventing it from easily slipping.

When the sun is about to set, the 3M Cool Arm Sleeves is constructed with soft and flexible banding that you can easily stash them in a waistband or the back pockets of your jersey.

Fresh body, happiest journey.

Now, you have protected your body. Don’t leave your bicycle behind!

Your bicycle must have served you well. A bicycle tour that offers you a lifetime experience. A gear that keeps you safe along the way. A bicycle that takes you through the epic descents, stunning views and memorable moments. A multi-purpose spray lubricant that provides long-lasting protection from rust and corrosion of your bike.

Post-ride maintenance may seem troublesome, but it doesn’t have to be. 3M AR-100 Anti-Rust Lubricant comes with an extension tube to target spray into tight locations and solves recurring friction on parts that rub together.

Take 3M AR-100 Anti-Rust Lubricant with you! It provides characteristics of both a lubricating and penetrating oil, not to forget de-moisturizing coating to help metal surfaces from corrosion. This spray-on lubricant produces a thin-bodied, transparent rust preventive coating that is low profile yet highly protective.

A well-maintained bike, more journey, more joy!


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