Always Be Safe At Duathlon Events


Safety has always been a core first for any duathlon participants at any events. However, we just cannot rely on the organizers and sometimes, we might forget the basis of safety that we need to know.

Let’s take a look at a few tips that can help any duathletes when the need arises:-


 Place Your Stuff At Designated Areas

If you participate in any race or event, you should always get to know from your organizers where the designated holding area is for your equipment. Most organizers will have a bag/equipment holding space to keep your belongings safe. Do not place your equipment in open areas or non-designated locations.

We have seen in the past that many duathlon participants were complacent on putting their equipment at the starting or finishing line in the open areas or placing it in their cars, where it is open to thefts. If you are not sure where to place the items, ask the organizers or staffs and they will assist to help you to the Safe Holding Area to keep it.


Lock Your Stuff

We advise you to have the proper locks for your bikes and equipment. In past history, a lot of duathlon participants did not lock their equipment properly, especially bikes on their bike rakes, where it could lead your bikes getting stolen or moved from the station. For instance, bicycles were stolen at Stafford Ironman in June.

For participants who usually have their bikes checked in the transition area one day before the race, therefore, it is advisable to also lock your bags and other equipment when you have placed it in a safe area to avoid being open to theft. Don’t you worry, you can always unlock your bikes on the race day!


Keep An ID of Yourself

No, not your IC or passport. An ID is a vital information that people can use, in case you are injured or in emergency cases, suffering from an attack of the medical condition. The ID band can help first-aid or medical personals when they need to treat or administer emergency aid. Vital information such as:
1. Name
2. Contact Number
3. Medical Condition (if more than two, put the two most severe conditions)
4. Emergency contact number and person’s name
5. Blood Type
6. Allergies

These IDs can come in a form of bands, bracelets, dog tags or even simple cards, just make sure it is waterproof and easy to reach for you and helpers when you get into trouble. It would also be good if you could put this as your phone screen wallpaper if you carry your phone along while participating.


Make Your Whereabouts Known

Remember the movie, 127 hours? That situation can happen to anyone, therefore it is hugely important to always make sure someone knows you are at the event. This is to avoid cases in the past where some duathletes were reported missing while in the event and after the event. When someone knows about your whereabouts, it would be easier for people to assist with medical response or search in case you get lost or involved in an accident. But with today’s technology, you can also share your location on social media or to your family, so they are aware of your participation at the event and will end safely after the event too.


Personal Med Kits

Accidents and injuries can happen anytime, so better be safe than sorry. Preparing a simple med-kit can be easy to patch the wound temporarily while waiting for medical assistance. A simple dry bandage, band-aids or even wound dressing plaster can help to cover the scrapes or open wounds from infection while waiting for the medical assistance to attend to you. Some duathletes even care a small kit in their bags or pockets which can consist of antiseptic wipes, bandages, cottons, tapes, mini-flashlight and even a compass!

So, you should have a great time while going for the duathlon if you were to follow and keep these tips in mind.

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