Bicycle Distributor Tarson Marketing Supports Charity Bike Tour


Cycling is great for everyone, not just cyclists.

Apart from the economic, environmental and personal benefits, cycling brings many positive impacts on the society as a whole. Not only it promotes good health, cycling also enables us to interact socially, to raise funds and awareness, and to help the poor and needy people.

“We have always believed in giving back to the community and supporting charities, especially in the bicycle industry. To make a difference and initiate change, we decided to contribute our part to Roman Onillon’s charity bike tour,” said the representative of Tarson Marketing.


Based in Malaysia, the French-born Roman Onillon’s charity bike tour covered 3,300 kilometres from France to Turkey, with the purpose of helping children with cancer and raising funds for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

Roman embarked on the 2,050 mile fundraiaing bike tour by hopping on a TRS Hybrid Prisma across 9 countries from France, Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, to Turkey.

The cyclist battled hilly courses, dangerous roads, scorching weather, unexpected punctures, inadequate sanitary facilities, and average almost 100 kilometres a day, continuously for more than 30 days.

Roman’s charity bike tour is more than a CSR initiative. The tour will be a fundamental signpost for the bicycle distributor to become better in the industry and to encourage more people to do that.

Tarson Marketing is proud to be involved in giving to charity, and they are looking forward to making a bigger impact next time.

Tarson Marketing donated RM2,000 to Roman Onillon’s charity project for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia.


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