Noor Quraataina Mamat – Girl Who Rocks BMX


Noor Quraataina has never imagined that there can be this day. A day that she became a national BMX racer.

She did not get into cycling seriously at a very young age. However, at the age of 17, she was invited for a ride by a group of friends who were already active in this sport. Mountain biking was the first sport that she got herself into, and that lasted for a month before she switched to riding a BMX. Before picking up a bicycle, she mainly indulged in playing handball during her secondary school years.

Hailing from Dungun (Terengganu) where a state of which cycling has been predominant, however, Quraataina’s parents were not supportive in the beginning. For them, BMX is not a sport that is suitable for a female, and they hoped her to fully pay attention her academic performance. The strong-minded girl retained an unwavering mind which she made up her mind to give up on her studies.

Quraataina was determined to keep doing it and be successful in the sport. As she got to grip with BMX better, the love and passion for this sport were unceasingly growing stronger. She has always taken a pleasure in riding a BMX and craved for the satisfaction of honoring the country on the international stage. After taking a long consideration, her parents came to a conclusion to support her in pursuing her goals.

Quraataina has set a target to deliver a medal for Malaysia in the BMX event at the Asian Games Indonesia this year and to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Tenacity paid off. In 2012, 2013, and 2014 editions, Quraataina represented Terengganu and earned a gold medal at the BMX Grand Prix Kebangsaan in Air Keruh, Melaka. Then, she also bagged the gold medal at SUKMA Pahang and National BMX Championships. In 2015 again, this BMX rider earned another gold at the Selangor Development GP Series BMX 2015 at Selayang Permai, Selangor. Since then, she decided to venture into BMX as her full-time career, and strive for higher levels.

At KL SEA Games 2017, Quraataina’s astonishing achievement has thrust her into the limelight. She won a bronze medal in the women’s BMX event after finishing the race on the BMX track, next to the National Velodrome Nilai. The Terengganu rider finished third and collected 11 points overall. It turned out to be a surprise to the community as the medal was the first for Malaysia in BMX races since it began to be contested at the SEA Games in 2011.

Not only did she pull BMX well in local races, but she was also able to distinguish herself in international races such as Asian Cycling Championships Thailand and Indonesia. All these accomplishments did not come easy, and definitely required a lot of practices. Like most athletes, Quraataina injures herself during races and training. She always keeps her perseverance of being a professional BMX rider. The attitude that she shows is the evidence of her indisputable diligence.

During her off-season, the 23-year-old BMX racer usually assists and guides her junior riders at the BMX track. Apart from the appropriate riding skills, she is a regular visitor to the gym to build up her body strength as riding a BMX entails a full-body strength. When she hits the track, sprinting will always be her focus.

Quraataina has set a target to deliver a medal for Malaysia in the BMX event at the Asian Games Indonesia this year and to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Currently, she is training hard to fulfill her dream and upload the country’s name in the cycling world.


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