Jaunting to Jeju – Joining in the Joy and Jubilation


One of the world’s well-known islands, bringing people from all over the globe to its legendary peaks. Even if you are not a cycling fanatic, this Korea’s first UNESCO Natural Heritage Site offers something for everyone. Be it lounging by breath-taking seas, riding along the scenic routes, tasting its iconic peanut ice-cream or exploring the natural sites while the other tourists taking a scooter around the town, carrying away by the beauty of the whole island. Jeju has it all! There is nowhere like Jeju in the world, which has various types of volcanic topography in a single island. Not only it is a simple travel destination but also a spiritual home to people who seek for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. In collaboration with Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Jeju Special Self-Governing Provincial Tourism Association, Cycling Malaysia went on a cycling expedition to experience none other than Jeju Island!

Traveling along the lush countryside to Seongsan Port, we tucked deep in the simplicity of riding two-wheels that led us to a whole new world.

Seongsan Port

Visiting the biggest island with population of about 680,000 people in South Korea, Jeju Island was a dream come true. Surrounded by the seas, it is a home for rocks, winds and divers. A pile of rocks spreading throughout the island, and fierce winds motivating islanders all year round to make their own cultures and toughening them up after bearing a harsh life.

Our hearts were pounding fast as our aircraft landed on this oval-shaped new 7 Wonders of the Nature. Wasting no time, we rushed ourselves to Hamdeok Seoubong Beach to begin our 4 day/3 night excursion upon checking in to our hotel. A little 14km short on the east side of downtown Jeju, the sugar white sand and emerald green water Maldives of Korea is frequented by families with kids as the shallow water and calm waves make this beach perfect for everyone including tourists. Order a cup of coffee, you can sit here for hours to appreciate the beauty that Jeju has to offer.

Waking up in the sunny morning, we were all geared up for our first cycling tour in Jeju. It is so amazing to learn that Jeju, the entire Korea perhaps, has full service bicycle rental shops.

Traveling along the lush countryside to Seongsan Port, we tucked deep in the simplicity of riding two-wheels that led us to a whole new world. The ferry service from Seongsan Port was convenient for us to transport not only our bicycles but cars on the fifteen-minute ferry ride across to U-do Island.

Situated off the eastern coast of Jeju Island, U-do Island was named after its resemblance to a cow lying down. The highlights of U-do were its wide sandy beach, fertile soil, abundant schools of fish, local heritages and delightful peanut ice-cream. Taking our bikes off ferry marked the commencing of our cycling tour.

The allure of streaming into the town streets immediately captured our sense of adventure. We could not be more excited to hop onto our bicycles, and explored what awaited us in this culturally rich region. In addition, the Korean movie “A Love Story” was filmed here.

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