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10 Questions Every Cyclist Must Answer

“I want to cycle with Lance Armstrong, because I admire his persistence.”


1. How did you pick up cycling? What keeps you motivated?
Since I was 3, my father brought me to cycle with him on a regular basis. I had a connection with cycling for more than 10 years. When I reached 20, I decided to concentrate on cycling, and participating in races. I achieved outstanding results and was sponsored by Giant Bicycle. My parents have been very supportive.

2. What to do or what not to do during a ride?
Especially cycling in a big group, cyclists must give alertness to each other. Also, it is a big no to litter, for instance, plastics (power drinks and gels) cannot be decomposed, and hence, it is an unethical behaviour to litter while cycling.

3. What’s your worst injury? How do you reduce your chances of crashing?
Being a long-distance cyclist, I often experience ligament sprains and strains. I would advise other cyclists to have a proper warm-up before going for a ride. Besides that, road accidents happen all the time. Cyclists should be cautious of passing vehicles because some truck drivers are not able to notice the road cyclists.

4. What has been your most memorable ride so far?
It would be the first cycling race in my life – a mountain bike race in my hometown, Sri Gading Johor back in 2012. I completed it with my father. My father guided me along the way. He got the 6th while I got the 7th.

5. How much of your salary goes into buying cycling products? Would you consider yourself a budget cyclist?
In the past six months, I have spent about RM2,000 on my bike services. I personally don’t think it’s necessary to get expensive products, but cycling skill is what matters most.

6. If price does not matter, what is your next cycling upgrade or escapade?
I would like to upgrade my wheelset, because I focus on mountain biking. Tough terrains require wheels with better materials such as Campagnolo, Zipp and. My dream cycling escapades would be Spain and France because of the breath-taking landmarks. Cycling to Wu Ling Taiwan is also in my wish list.

7. How do you train? What are your cycling strengths?
Each time I train, I would cycle on-road for 60km in 1 to 2 hours, whereas mountain biking would be 40km in 1 to 2 hours. My cycling strength is mountain bike cross country.

8. How do you optimise your nutrition, before, during and after your ride?
Before a ride, I would take bread and cereal. During a ride, I have challenged myself not to consume any energy drinks. After a ride, I would eat anything except fried and oily food.

9. What can you say about ladies getting into cycling?
It is common to see more ladies getting into cycling. I think it is a great thing because cycling enhances our fitness.

10. Who do you want to cycle with? What are the reasons?
I want to cycle with Lance Armstrong, an American former professional road racing cyclist because I admire his persistence despite his diagnosis with testicular cancer and the evidence of performance-enhancing drug use.

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