KL Sports City in 2021 – Two phases on Bukit Jalil Stadium’s new face

Youth Park (Phase 2)
Close your eyes. Imagine you are standing inside a huge stadium with more than 80,000 spectators sitting on black and yellow seats and support beams loudly cheering for their respective teams. You suddenly feel the thrill of the crowd as the players walked to the ends of the field, the perfectly striped grass glowing beneath their feet. A booming noise surrounds the place when a crucial penalty kick made it to a goal, ending the game. The highly digital scoreboard flashes the final score.

The stadium consists of high-end and state of the art facilities. The changing room lockers and the spectator seats are all painted in black and yellow to further evoke the sense of being in the Tigers’ home. As you head outside, you are welcomed by a sea of people wearing casual shirts, sun glasses and stylish hats, streaming along paths and covered walkways. A group of friends are taking selfies after selfies, posting it instantly on their social media. This is made possible by the hi-speed wireless connection of the sports centre.

There are informative signage within the area that will serve as a guide, as well as food stalls and cafes. As you reach the back of the stadium, a group of runners greet you with much enthusiasm while having a slow jog on the track along with some cyclists. While others choose to sit on the nearby benches and feel the warm sun on their faces, as they appreciate the touristy feel of the place.

In a few hundred meters, excited voices and splashes of water will greet your ears at the race-ready swimming pool. Some come here for sports training or workout. While others just want to chill and hang out as you can find some sports brands inside a sports mall beside the sports theme hotel. On the surface, the stadium looks like a bit of theme park but still without sacrificing its sporty spirit.

Youth Park (Phase 2)

Artistic and beneficial landscaping was done around the stadium for the public to enjoy an evening stroll. At night, the facade turned into a light show and is colour coordinated according to the occasion. That’s when you noticed the huge year 2021 flashing brightly on the LED screen. There was a clatter of applause, echoing upwards and then a sudden stillness. Now, open your eyes.


CEO Azman sharing his vision on KL Sports City

This is the passionate vision of Azman for the Bukit Jalil Stadium that will come to life by 2021. Having a background in revenue enhancement and sports marketing, Perbadanan Stadium Malaysia, Chief Executive Officer, Azman Fahmi Osman talks about his huge role, responsibilities and overwhelming aspirations to make this project a success.

In his laid-back office somewhere in Bukit Jalil, Cycling Malaysia team delve deeper into the full integration process that will take place in 4 years’ time. Read on as we give you a glimpse on how the heart of Malaysia’s sporting precinct Bukit Jalil Stadium will transform to Kuala Lumpur Sports City—soon to be a world-class sports facility.

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