Escapism (es·cap·ism \i-’skā-,pi-z m\)
: the tendency to escape from daily reality or routine by indulging in entertainment

A quick look around the roads to 2Escape revealed factories bustling with activities. Loomed ahead of us was a gate, our only barrier to an escapade. The spacious parking lot was adequate for more than 20 vehicles. We parked our car and walked into the well-lit, organized and air-conditioned atmosphere.

We were welcomed by the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked pastries. The smell wafted through the shop, stimulating our senses. A cup of latte was promptly served as we sipped while listening to Harish’s intuitions.

“Imagine sitting down, looking out of the window distracted by your thoughts. How does one escape from the hectic modern world? A place where you wouldn’t have to travel far but still gives one a sense of freedom?”



Harish Vadher, CEO of 2Escape established 2Escape recently in 2017. It is a bicycle shop behind a large range of premium brands of cycling products. He initiated the idea of transforming a typical mindset of selling bicycles to serve the cycling community an ultimate platform of an innovative online store.

The cycling community in Malaysia has maintained its creditability and popularity, without needing evidence. Harish inaugurated a notion where people are able to look for a form of escape, especially for those in the cycling community. That is one of the reasons consumers go to 2Escape not to escape life, but for life not to escape them.

2Escape comprises of a café for the coffee lovers, in house Physiotherapist, Specialist Bike Fitter and Running Gait Analyst, an indoor pump track and a double-storey retail space for the customers to be indulged in their shopping sphere. Making it the perfect medium to escape!

Harish Vadher, CEO of 2Escape



The occasional pleasant humming could be heard from the grinding of the coffee machine. Harish creates a cordial ambience for people to shop and stroll in a comfortable manner. He showed us around, while introducing the details of the store. “I want it to be a place people visit on a regular basis.” Harish explicated that 2Escape is not for the customers to visit once.

For instance, upon arrival belongings can be kept at the counter. Visitors are allowed to test on bicycles in the store. There is no high rack in the store but bicycles are tidily arranged. Transparent glass cabinets present renowned brands. Merchandises include Garmin, Oakley, Cycology, Attaquer, Giro, Specialized and so on.

The open and airy interiors are what Harish believes to make great space for constant changeable arrangements. Things can be easily moved around and refreshed according to seasons.

Enticed by the ceilings lighting design, they had somewhat of a futuristic design to it. They are not the mandatory spotlights we notice in majority concept shops, but Harish has his preference opting for luminous light bars.

To cyclists or event organizers who plan to hold cycling-related launches, 2Escape has a satisfactory area for events. The gleaming lightings create an apt and decent scene for all types of occasions.


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