Crank Your Two Wheels Up!

A crankset consists of two arms that attach to the pedals, as well as the chainrings that drive the chain. Upgrading your crankset is crucial to make sure it is compatible with the rest of your components.

Do you go with mechanical, electronic shifting or a compact and standard crankset? Longer or shorter arm length? A proper arm length is determined by a rider’s height and the size of the bike frame. How many tooth of chainrings is idyllic? A compact crankset usually comes with a 50/36T, common for beginners. Standard cranksets are fitted with a 53/39T, popular for racers. The larger the number, the harder the gear; which translares into turning over higher speeds with more tensions.

Cranksets are available as triples or doubles referring to the number of chainrings. The idea of single chainring is to simplify your drivetrain. Double chainrings are ideal for rapidly changing across the range of gears. Triple chainrings provide a wide range of gears for climbing and descending.

Crankset is determined not only by the type of bike you are riding, but also the type of riding you favor. Road and mountain bikers are more likely to favor light weight, whereas downhill riders need strong units that can succor drops and jumps. Steel cranks are typically on vintage bikes and BMXs, whereas aluminum can be found on most low- to mid-range road and MTB cranksets. Carbon fibre is generally reserved for high-end cranksets intended for its lightweight.

How about a power metre? SRM’s spindle-mounted power metre spoils you with stats including altitude, cadence and speed filling the monochromatic display. Or an oval-shaped ring? An Osymetric ring concentrates pedaling power at your maximum force, while effectively reducing the load where your power input is at a minimum.

We are inundated with list of considerations, but it pays some time to match your riding style to the right options. The right crankset leads a rider to an enjoyable ride.

Campagnolo Super Record – RM3,699.00

Performance is what every rider could ask for in a bike. The Super Record crankset is an extraordinary concentration of technology and performance with its stiffness, lightness, fast and precise shifting. Not only the crank and chainring are made of carbon fibre with 112mm for the small bolt circle diameter and 145mm for the large one, the axle is also made of titanium reducing the overall weight of crankset by 40g. The ultra-torque axle pressures on the pedal transmitting without any power loss. A further evolution of chainrings used by Pro-Teams is constructed! Lastly, the ceramic bearings combined with Crontect steel are able to avoid corrosion.

Available at Khcycle Malaysia, 603-4270 2519


Campagnolo Potenza BL 11S – RM1,099.00

The Potenza crankset is made with both left and right crank arms in hollow forged aluminium to keep weight to a minimum while maintaining the performance characteristics of its carbon fibre counterparts. Potenza’s 11S 4-arm spider design makes for one single crankarm for all chainring options. Its unified bolt pattern also allows for all chainring standards such as 53/39T, 52/36T and 50/34T to be built upon the same crankset.

Available at Khcycle Malaysia, 603-4270 2519


FRM Spider Single X0 GXP – RM350.00

Spider Single is a product from Italy. It allows riders to convert triple Sram XO or double crankset into single chainrings. Chainrings are available for either 104mm BCD or original XX1. The original Sram Spider is replaced using its fixing bolts. Four specific chainring fixing bolts are included. It is also ideal to be used with LG42T cog to convert 11/36T in 11/42T drivetrains. Last but not least, it is anodized in red and laser etched finalizing a striking look to your bike.

Available at Due Roda Xtreme, 603-5510 1244


SRAM GX X-GLIDE – RM1,290.00

Featuring X-GLIDE chainrings, the SRAM GX crankset is engineered for 2x shifting performance. SRAM’s Open Core Technology cranks are claimed as stiff, strong and lightweight. When paired with 10/42T cassette and GX rear derailleur, GX provides the widest range of gears offering on a 2X drivetrain. Made of aluminium, it is weighed at 727g with 24mm spindle and 36/24T chainring. Arm lengths are available in 170 and 175mm. Finally, it is also suited for fat bike.

Available at Daiichi Cycle Gear Sdn Bhd, 603-6156 2872


Cobb Compact Crankset (50/34T Chainring) – RM1,200.00

Cobb’s short cranks are designed to improve comfort and increase speed. The changes between 155cm and 160cm in crank length can provide more efficient breathing as well as to reduce muscle fatigue. Shorter cranks allow riders to increase saddle height by 5 to 7mm and reduce toe overlap. Next, it helps to gain an aerodynamic advantage from raising your seat height and lowering the front of the bike. These hot forged alloy cranksets are manufactured with a GPX style axle and come with a high quality BB.

Available at 2Escape, 6016-908 3810


Prowheel Fixed Crankset – RM125.00

Prowheel fixed crankset is particularly fitted for Fixie and Single speed bicycles. Made of aluminium, it is weighed at 640g. 46T with only one chainring, it is commonly used for track cycling. Fixed crankset comes excluding an axle, but a 45mm of chain line and a 130mm of bolt circle diameter are included. Additionally, bottom bracket bolts are built for square bottom brackets recommending spindle lengths at 107 to 111mm.

Available at Daiichi Cycle Gear Sdn Bhd, 603-6156 2872


Shimano Dura-Ace R9100

The R9100 crankset’s shaping is designed according to Dura-Ace’s iconic 4-arm design, adding strength and rigidity while minimizing weight. Shimano’s Ride Tuned gearing offers a number of chainring configurations from 50/34T, 52/36T, 53/39T, 54/42T, to 55/42T for ease of use and versatility. Through redesigned chainring tooth profiling, the Dura-Ace R9100 crankset is adapted for race bike specific disc brake systems. Its crank arm lengths include 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5, 175, 177.5, and 180mm, are optimized to strengthen key stress zones.

Available at Contact Shimano authorized dealers@


Shimano Deore XT M8000

Made of aluminium, Deore XT M8000 features Rider Tuned 11-speed gearing that will take rider to long-distance rides with its long-life shifting performance and chain retention. It offers 30T, 32T and 34T crank options to satisfy any type of rider ability level or terrain. Deore XT cranks turn on an updated BB that reduces weight and bearing drag while improving mud durability. What’s more? A redesigned, lighter action derailleurs features Shimano’s pioneering Shadow RD+ technology and refined geometry for increased stability. Certainly a choice for long travel trail bikes!

Available at Contact Shimano authorized dealers@


FSA SL-K Modular BB392EVO – RM1,850.00

FSA’s mountain bike crankset is designed according to a fully-modular system. It enables components combination, tailoring exact specification requirements to the individual riders and the type of terrain they face during renewal or upgrade. Its convertible spider design is fitted for different chainring and chainline configurations, for instance, the same crankset is able to work across any bike. It is made of hollow carbon fibre compositing arms with UD finish. Riders will be benefited from its megatooth chainring design for maximum chain engagement. Last of all, SL-K Modular BB392EVO is optimized for new 11 speed system.

Available at SA Sport, 603-3358 6650



SL-K Light road crankset features hollow carbon fibre arms for stiffness and lightweight at 619g. The adaptable BB386EVO 30mm spindle will fit a wide variety of frames with a range of BB standards. It uses FSA’s Asymmetric Bolt Standard with four bolts. It is chosen from the traditional 53/39 chainring combination, 50/34 compact or 52/36 semi-compact. The UD carbon finish, updated graphics and concealed chainring bolts with tabcover, as well as fits Shimano and SRAM 10-11 speed systems.

Available at SA Sport, 603-3358 6650

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