Stock Up Your Cycling Socks!

You can wear any type of socks and go for a ride, but cycling-specific socks are made from lightweight and breathable fabrics that keep your feet cool, dry and comfortable. Cycling socks are not your regular sports socks. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned cyclist, a pair of right cycling socks will enhance your cycling performance.

Materials – Cycling socks are remarkable in the materials they are constructed with. Most cycling socks are made from polyester because it is breathable. It also excels at drying out quickly which can be woven into thin fabrics and wicks sweat away from the skin. Nylon and polyester feature the durability which is necessary for intense riding. Some socks are made from merino wool, a special blend of high-quality wool fibers that is neither itchy nor thick, provides the same moisture-wicking properties as synthetic fibers with odor resistance. Wool socks are ideal for longer rides as they keep your feet at ease and perspiration-free.

Injury Prevention – A small percentage of spandex fibers helps the socks fit close to your feet and calves preventing the socks from slipping down, which increases blood flow to the muscles used while you are cycling. Cycling socks also protect your legs from small cuts and scratches. Cycling socks constructed with compression technology help to limit swelling, especially riders who spend all day on their bike. Cycling socks helps prevent muscle soreness and keep you pedaling longer. Soreness can easily turn to bruising, and a bad blister can ruin your ride.

Recovery – After long or particularly strenuous sessions on the bike, a buildup lactic acid in legs which then swell causing muscle soreness is familiar for riders. Wearing a calf guard for a ride can partially reduce muscle fatigue and damage. Compression cycling socks or calf guard will flush out the fluid associated with swelling which will reduce the discomfort.

Make sure you measure your feet and calves for proper sizing. Unfitting and tight cycling socks will lead you to an uncomfortable ride, whereas loose cycling socks do not provide adequate compression while riding on the trail. Stock up for a purpose!

Altura Night Vision – RM65.00 

Altura Night Vision is a technical cycling socks, constructed with a high visibility design, its bright colors improves visibility during the day, whilst the reflective trip improves visibility in low light conditions. It features a mid-height cuff and anti-bacterial properties and odor resistance. It is also designed to relieve the pressure points generated by pedaling and keep your skin dry by wicking moisture away.

Available at


Balega Second Skin Fit Ultra Light No Show – RM69.00

Ultra Light No Show socks delivers comfort and durability for athletes of all ages and abilities looking for a second-skin fit and reinforced cushioned heel. The ultrafine hi-tech performance yarns on a high needle counting knitting machine provides the sheerness and lightness of the socks. With its broad elastic arch support, your arch and ankle will be kept in place. It has also sculptured mesh panel air for ventilation. Most of all, the unique triple Y heel creates a heel pocket which is ergonomically formed to the actual shape of you.

Available at Stadium (KLCC, Pavilion, Mid Valley), Studio R (Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Utama), & Royal Sporting House (Terbau City, City Square, Queensbay, Nu Sentral, IOI City Mall)


ASSOS milleSock Evo 7 – RM120.00

Made from Lycra and Micropolyamid, it is equipped with reinforced structure for maximum support in the ankle zone and honeycomb for an increased breathability. The ASSOS Mille range is characterized for additional elasticity and comfortable fit when cycling. Its mid-high ankle cuffs are great for summer riding. It is also available in various colors such as blue, black, red, green, white and yellow.

Available at Khcycle Malaysia, 603-7865 2188


LOOK 30th Anniversary Version – RM949 (Edition Pack), RM60 (Socks only) 

In conjunction with LOOK’s 30th Anniversary, it releases the limited edition color scheme celebrating 30 years of cycling innovation which offers a pedal pack in the customized colors of legends Peter Sagan and Alberto Contador. The pedals include its world renowned Keo Blade 2, alongside two packs of 30th Anniversary Version of cycling socks. You need a pair of quick and secure cleat, powerful pedals and comfortable socks to achieve great feet support and pleasant ride.

Available at Khcycle Malaysia, 603-7865 2188


Rapha Pro Team Aero – RM125.00

Made with the same lightweight fabric used in Team Sky’s skin suits and informed by wind-tunnel testing, Rapha Pro Team Aero socks provide the final piece of the ultimate aerodynamic outfit. The upper cuff features vertical, textural stripes and an aero feature to help your lower legs cut through the wind. Designed with an antibacterial treatment, it is breathable, hard-wearing, comfortable and sweat-wicking. Its stitching technology ensures a stronger bind with more stretches too.

Available at


UNO Cycling Socks – RM18.00 

Outdoor activities like cycling are tough on feet, that’s why a pair of high-tech socks is your first line of defence for dry, comfortable and blister-free feet. Uno Cycling socks are made with nylon and spandex for a snug fit. It is available in bright colorways to create a highly visible presence in broad daylight and is strategically placed for maximum visibility in low light conditions. Style up and get visible with this affordable cycling specific high cuff socks!

Available at Tarson Marketing


Injinji Performance 2.0 Trail Toe Socks – RM76.00

Built to handle the impact of dirt and rocky paths, it is ideal for riders who are always on their mountain bikes, going off-road. It is engineered for the tough trails to offer the best fit, feel and protection in any shoe. Not only it has double elastic cuff to hold in reducing chafing, and extra cushioning to increase comfort, its mini-crew length rests above the ankle, covering and protecting your heels. Each toe is wrapped in sweat-wicking material, skin-on-skin friction will also keep you away from blisters and hot spots.

Available at Running Lab Pavilion & Running Lab One Utama


Balega Hidden Comfort – RM69.00

Designed with the newly improved elastane throughout for a more structured fit, Balega’s hidden comfort functions as what it claims to be, the hidden comfort! A hand-linked seamless toe helps reduce chafing, and a specially constructed mesh ventilation panel helps keep your feet cool and dry. When cycling long distance, its high tab heel ensures the socks stay in place giving you a comfortable fit. Also, it is available in darker colours which avoid dirty stains while going off-road!

Available at Stadium (KLCC, Pavilion, Mid Valley), Studio R (Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Utama), & Royal Sporting House (Terbau City, City Square, Queensbay, Nu Sentral, IOI City Mall)


ASSOS equipeSock Evo 7 – RM72.00 

Shout out not only to cyclists, but also runners! ASSOS equipeSock Evo 7 is a 2-in-1 based on the ASSOS duathlonSock, ideally making for both cycling and running. The lightweight Polyamide and Elastane construction makes it highly breathable as well as light weight. Yellow color is also available for better visibility during night ride.

Available at Khcycle Malaysia, 603-7865 2188


Balega Enduro V-Tech Quarter – RM69.00

Sometimes in cycling, you need that extra effort to get down from your bike, especially when you encounter obstacles on trails. Cycling for a long day requires a pair of socks that delivers unsurpassed comfort and fit. Constructed by U.S. made Drynamix moisture management fibers, it offers an extra deep heel pocket for added comfort. Its mesh structure is ideal for ventilation and protective cushioning for impact resistance. Last but not least, it features seamless toes and its sensitive quarter rib tops will leave no pressure marks on your feet!

Available at Stadium (KLCC, Pavilion, Mid Valley), Studio R (Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Utama), & Royal Sporting House (Terbau City, City Square, Queensbay, Nu Sentral, IOI City Mall)


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