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Are you continously looking for way on how to improve your cycling performance? You’ve utilized all your resources from friends, sports community all the way to websites.

Cyclists are flooded with a ton of cycling information. Everyone would either be talking on how the latest Italian bicycle frame geometry helps the pros win the game or sharing their experience on the latest drive trains in the market. Discussions would ensue between cyclists on how they benefited from the latest lightweight wheelset, comparing products from different manufacturers. Does a higher price equate to a higher performance?

“I possess no luxurious items. I have to keep to my budget, hence maximizing my speed to dollar.” says Alvin. To all seasoned and experienced cyclists, lets explore Alvin’s trike bike and see how Alvin enhances on his recreational trike bike to become a race machine;


The above battle tank is ridden than none other Malaysia’s only handcycling para-athlete, Alvin Lim. This man had a love for riding on his superbike before his whole life turned 360. Just like how the proverbial goes “cats have nine lives”, we believe Alvin too has nine lives. Riding his motorbike from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, he collided with an oil tanker. The impact of the accident resulted in the loss of use of his legs. He went from 2 wheels to 4 wheels.

Life throws you curveballs, but you either learn to swerve them or hit them like it’s no tomorrow. This is exactly what Alvin did. Despite his circumstances, he did not mope around. Instead, he progressed on to become a successful car salesman for over 15 years.


Sometimes in tragedy, we find our lives purposes. In 2016, Alvin made up his mind to quit his car sales career and was looking for sports he could incorporate himself into. It all came together during his holiday trip to Australia. He bought himself a new wheelchair and along with it, purchased a recumbent trike bike. “I was on that wheelchair for the past fifteen years. The moment I began propelling my way on that recumbent trike bike, all my memories began reflecting. The wind, freedom, it felt akin to flying. That’s how I knew I chose the right sport”, he passionately says. Within a year, Alvin cycled very frequently and discovered Malaysia’s para-cycling team. From then on, the rest, he is creating history.

Alvin gave us a few interesting tid bits on handcycling. “I can do as fast as 56km/h on downhill. However it is more dangerous when it comes to cornering compared to high-speed downhill descent”. According to him, handcycling will flip over during cornering. He’s experienced in this matter as he had his fair share of accidents from it. “When it comes to high speed cornering, make sure you lean on the correct side to avoid flipping over”, he advises. We also learnt that Alvin only gets a sum of RM500 from the government as a para athelte. “My coach is very generous to me. He loaned me his personal items from headset to jerseys in order for me to perform better”.

The above self-modified trike bike is not built for leisure rides. Used for 200km training rides, this lean mean machine has invaded into Bahrain for the Asian Cycling Championships. It’s no suprise that alongside his battle armour, he clocked in the fastest time, beating other athletes from other Asian countries and taking home the gold. Alvin has also added another notch to his belt by winning another gold medal in the Singapore cycling race.

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