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10 Questions Every Cyclist Must Answer

You don’t need to pressure yourself to be faster, you just need to ENJOY every ride.


1. How did you pick up cycling? What keeps you motivated?
It was 4 years ago when I started cycling through my friend’s recommendation. That same friend lent me a bike to try leisure riding. I used folding bike at first then upgraded to mountain bike so I can go uphill. Cycling keeps me motivated because I want to be fit and healthy. I wasn’t health conscious then, but I am now.

2. What to do or what not to do during a ride?
Always wear safety helmets and gloves.

3. What’s your worst injury? How do you reduce your chances of crashing?
During training, I’m cycling downhill way too fast that resulted for a mild crash incident. I just had some cuts, nothing serious though. For me, I will reduce my chances of crashing if I’ll ride slowly while going downhill.

4. What has been your most memorable ride so far?
That downhill incident. Because after that, I became more cautious and alert while cycling to prevent those unwanted incidents from happening again. And it made me realize an important thing, you don’t need to pressure yourself to be faster, you only just need to ENJOY every ride.

5. How much of your salary goes into buying cycling products? Would you consider yourself a budget cyclist?
For the bicycle maintenance it costs me around RM600-800. As for participating an event including the logistics, food and accommodation I normally spent RM1,000.

6. If price does not matter, what is your next cycling upgrade or escapade?
I want to go to Wuling, Taiwan. Because all of my friends went there, so it piques my curiosity of what to see on that place. However, since I’m using a mountain bike now, if I will get the chance to go there I will eventually change it to road bike.

7. How do you train? What are your cycling strengths?
I trained 3 times a week, after work. Also during Sunday, I cycle for 20-30km consists of uphill, road and off-road course. My cycling strength is going a downhill route.

8. How do you optimise your nutrition, before, during and after your ride?
Half an hour before a race, eat one pack of power gel.
During a ride I don’t eat anything.
After a ride just normal meals.

9. What can you say about ladies getting into cycling?
Keep it up. Through cycling it can keep them fit and maintain a good physique.

10. Who do you want to cycle with? What are the reasons?
Eddie Pang. So handsome. *laughs*


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