Make a 360-Degree Turn


Casio Exilim FR200: Transform photo into a work of art

In the previous article we talked about the amazing features of Casio Exilim FR100 but for this article we are upgrading a bit as Casio unveiled their newest and rugged Casio Exilim FR200. This outdoor gear will effortlessly give you the entire scene in just one picture and made for on-the-go selfies. Sounds familiar? Continue reading to know more.

With the outburst of virtual reality into the consumer scene, 360-degree cameras have become en vogue lately. Casio joined the craze by launching Exilim FR200, its 360-degree camera shooting that is perfectly fitted if you want to snap a picturesque view background without worrying a bad angle.

What makes this latest model even interesting is its capability for a sturdy 360-degree photography, but with an important caveat that puts you right back in the moment. One basic example is while cycling, you can actually put this outdoor gear on your helmet or mount it at your bicycle. You can enjoy the ride while capturing the action and everything that’s happening around you with a single shot.

The FR200 Dome View Shooting even allows you to convert your stills and video into the shot that you want. A camera that puts a world of possibilities right at your fingertips.


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