5 reasons why CatEye Volt 1700 will amaze you


Most of the time, we try to avoid cycling in the dark due to the safety issue. You may have tried it once but without an appropriate bike light and a right gear, night riding is as panic-stricken as it is dangerous.

However, there is no reason to cease your enthusiasm for riding just because of the bothersome darkness. With a good quality light, you can embark on an exhilarating and worry-free ride. Even after the sun has set, you will absolutely embrace your outdoor night ride with a good bike light.

Here are 5 reasons why CatEye Volt 1700 will make your night ride more stimulating and sound.

1. It has two ultra-bright LEDs.

The two ultra-bright LEDs comes with side visibility and up to 1700 lumens of light output to guarantee you a very best level of presence and visibility during your ride.

2. Its battery is rechargeable.

Not only you can recharge the battery, you can also always carry an extra battery cartridge for a quick, tool-free swap on your ride. Worry no more, it has a high-powered rechargeable front light!

P/S: Simply plug the battery into a micro USB port, and taadaa! Your battery is ready to be charged. Super easy and safe!

Three-level battery indicator:

When charging: Red – less than 50% charged | Orange – more than 50% charged | Green – completely charged

When illuminated: Orange – battery life 50-31% | Red – battery life 30-16% | Red flash – 15% or less

3. It comes with 5 different light modes.


The modes can easily be toggled through with the easy press button system. According to your riding environment, the light can be switched between 5 modes;

High: 1700 lumens light output (2 hours battery life)

Middle: 500 lumens light output (5 hours battery life)

Low: 200 lumens light output (15 hours battery life)

Hyper Constant: 1700/200 lumens light output (12 hours battery life)

Flashing mode: 200 lumens light output (150 hours battery life)

4. It comes with an integrated mounting system.

Your ride becomes easier with a FlexTight mounting bracket. You can install the light on to your handlebars without using any tools. The mount provides a secure hold to ensure that the light is stabilized. No more worrying about all the bumps and potholes on the road!

Not only that, you can also install it on your helmet or center fork bracket. With that, you are all ready to go on a touring adventure, anytime, anywhere.

5. This durable bicycle front light is especially affordable.

Are you up for it? Can’t wait for your night ride?

For more information, please contact Gin Huat Cycle Trading Sdn. Bhd.

Contact number: +603-6038 3703

With the amazing CatEye Volt 1700, you will never let the dark stop you from cycling!


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