Gearing Up! – Oct/Nov 2015


Rudy Project Impulse Flip Up – RM1,589.00

Equipped with the Quick ChangeTM interchangeable lens technology, the Rudy Project Impulse Flip Up gives players and athletes optimized conditions just about anywhere and everywhere. With adjustable nose pieces and temples, these Flip Ups make for really comfortable sports eyewear. They also offer an exceptional fit for just about any shape of face. Versatile and stylish, a must-have for all ardent cyclists!

Available at Rudy Project Concept Store, +603-7931 7662

Minoura Hybrid Roller FG540 – RM1,611.00 

With a big, twin diameter drum and a 2.6kg flywheel, the Minoura Hybrid Roller definitely makes for a great cycling workout companion! Requiring only 1 minute to set up, the FG540 roller is compatible on all CX/MTB/ROAD bicycles. And because it combines rigorous trainer workouts together with excellent pedalling dynamics, you’ll be all geared up for your next cycling adventure in no time at all!

Available at Gin Huat Cycle Trading Sdn Bhd, +603-6038 3703

Upstand – RM159.00

This isn’t your ordinary kind of kickstand, it’s the Upstand! You can now park your foldable bicycles anywhere—no need to balance it on a curb or even lean it on your car. At just 40g, the Upstand is not just compact and light, the carbon fiber construction makes it durable too. Best of all, you can have it installed on your foldable bicycle in less than a minute!

Available at GW Cycle Boutique, +603-5131 2326

Campagnolo Super Record 11 Speed Groupset – (Shifters, FD, RD, Crank, Cassette, Chain, Bottom, Bracket, Brake Caliper) – RM8, 800.00 

For a performance like no other, Campagnolo brings you its latest – the Super Record groupset! Along with design, lightness and silence, the carbon and titanium combo is your definite recipe for that stellar performance you long for. So get your Super Record 11 Speed groupset that ensures light, fast and precise shifting and head on for the ride of your life!

Available at Khcycle Malaysia, +603-7865 2188

Connex 10SX – RM240.00 

This intelligent mix of stainless steel and innovative nickel coating provides maximum resistance to wear and tear. The performance-optimized plate design also guarantees precise and lightning fast shifting. At just 264g for 114 links, the Connex 10SX is suitable for mountain bikes and road bikes.

Available at Shriro Malaysia, +603-7874 9842

FSA Gravity Light Chain Guide – RM488.00 

With the Gravity Light Chain Guide’s simple construction, installation and operation come trouble-free. A complement to your Gravity crankset, and other cranksets with one chainring, this chain guide is designed for racing, but can also be used for trail or jumping—just as strong and aggressive as the rigors of park and street applications. Lightweight at approx. 253g, this chain guide is compatible with 68, 73, 83 and 100mm BB shells.

Available at SA Sport, +603-3358 6650

X-Fusion Metric HLR 180 – RM3, 500.00

The Metric boasts in novative features that make your bicycle ride truly smooth and snappy. Available in Matte Black and Smoked Chrome, the articulated high-flow “Flux” piston sucks up massive hits with unbelievable calm. Also, with optimised crowns for 26 and 27.5 wheels, the Metric sure is made for the star performance you have in mind!

Available at SA Sport, +603-3358 6650

Look S-Track Race Trail Cage – RM730.00 

The S-Track pedal is the first in the world of mountain bikes to offer a double surface area. Its large bearing surface also offers maximum power transfer, giving you a much smoother ride. In addition, the patented removable cage design increases flexibility.

Available at Khcycle Malaysia, +603-7865 2188


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