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Our very own pocket rocket, Azizulhasni Awang, pedalled his way to Keirin bronze at the Rio Olympics—Malaysia’s first Olympic cycling medal. He crossed the finish line on his Look bicycle behind the British defending champion, Jason Kenny, and Dutchman Matthijs Buchli.

The 28-year-old Melbourne-based rider said in our previous interview with him, during his preparation for Rio, “I get sponsored by Look after winning the bronze medal in Paris.”

Claiming two medals for the country consecutively, when earlier this year he delivered Malaysia bronze from the 2016 Track Cycling World Championships in March, Azizul seems to be on a real-deal winning streak on his Look mean machine. It looks like Malaysia’s champ found his partner in performance and ambition.

A few days after Tour de France, Cycling Malaysia took the opportunity to have a tour inside the Look Cycle’s factory while in France, to see with our own eyes what happens behind the scenes of the production of the brand that our Malaysian champ wheeled to a successful finish.



It was a Thursday, four days since the world’s biggest cycling race, Tour de France, ended. Yet, the excitement from our coverage has not lost its intensity, knowing we have one more mission left to complete. How are Look pedals, among, if not, the greatest in the market, made? Not only their notoriety in this segment piqued our curiosity, but their carbon frames also continue to uphold their pioneer status in the carbon fiber frame production and technology.

Audrey Sogny, Look’s Press Relations Officer, was quick to invite us in the factory, unmistakable from the outside with their distinguishable logo. All Look’s road frames get their paint and finish work done here, after getting manufactured in their offsite facility in Tunisia.

Look not only houses their product testing laboratories here, but also their R&D, design studio and administrative offices. Now, no factory visit is ever completed without the walk-through. One designer joined in, showing us around and explained bits and pieces on how things work in their facility.


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