The Dino Charge


From Strong Team To Big Dream, Rapidino Stays Ahead Of The Game.

Rapidino has been breeding road and dirt slayers of dino descent—fierce, romping and fully functional. Call them Smilodon, Spino, Tricera, Anky, Bronto, T-Rex, Stegno, Veloci, Ornitho —the Italian bicycles that prey on miles without pity.

Equipped with Advanced Composite Nano Technology (ACNT), the carbon fiber bike frames, produced using aerospace grade materials, are especially designed and engineered in Italy for avid beginners and pros who only make strong choices.

This strong troop of mean machines finds their perfect matches in riders who are speed predators themselves. Cycling Malaysia met the growing dream team of Rapidino and took a little peek into their synergistic teaming.


It didn’t take Rapidino too long to discover the difference between success and failure. The key, they found, is in a great team. Observing from the sidelines of races after races, they start taking their picks from a big field of resolute riders and have been polishing seven gems in the lineup since October 2014.

“We’re still new in Asia. While it’s part of our international brand building to form the cycling team for Rapidino, our program also aims to give opportunities to riders in Malaysia. Later on, we’ll go to other countries to continue the hunt, but for now, we want to help Malaysian cyclists explore and advance their game,” said CH Loo, Senior Manager of Rapidino for Asia Region.

It’s important that the members of the team share a common vision. On Managing Director KH Yeoh, Senior Manager CH Loo and Regional Sales Manager Eric Cheah’s watch, the talents and accomplishments of each member is directed towards winning and building Rapidino’s identity.

“The selection process was random. We didn’t have very specific criteria, but we try to cover a wide range of cyclists: male and female; juniors, elites and veterans. We went to events; we observed the riders. We observed the way they behave, the way they socialize with other riders, and the way they perform in the race,” he said.

The Rapidino riders share the same attitude: they are friendly and well-disciplined, as Mr. Loo feels glad and satisfied about it. They might be stoked and high up on the podium, but as they leave it, they have their feet on the ground, kindred and well-disposed.

“The first step was to get to know them. We try to find ways to work with them. But of course, I’m paying more attention to their discipline. Taking the podium, either grabbing the first, second or third place, is high-priority.


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