Get Your Fox Dirty By Amplifying Your Adventures


The brand new 2016 models did not just snatch their titles overnight but through the relentless work that FOX put in to attain them. FOX has brought a whole new level of performance to their MY2016 fork and shock range with an all new FiT4 damper featured in all their forks and DPS system in all their shocks.

Here are the top 2016 products of FOX that are sure to amplify the adventures you pedal into:


FOX 34 Series

For those aggressive trail riders who want a super lightweight package. With an all-new lightweight chassis, new FLOAT air spring and FiT4 damper, the ideal travel options come up to 120mm-140mm. If you’re an all-around trail rider and prefer the ultimate blend of weight, stiffness and performance while climbing the raggedy uphill and shredding the high speed downhill, this is your pick.

FOX 32 Series

With the all new FLOAT air spring and new FiT4 damper, this fork is best suitable for an XC or a marathon racer. Lightweight with maximum performance and a mandatory firm lockout, the 32 series has an ideal travel options from 80mm to 100mm. This results in a reliable and simple product that ensures maximum riding time. It is also suitable for races who want on-the-fly adjustability.

FOX 36 Series

The award-winning line 36 has expanded so that you can conquer all the mountains. It has an all-new Factory FiT4 damper and 15QR axle option with a convertible 15/20mm bolt-on axle option. This fork retains its 36 FLOAT air spring with internal travel-adjust via spacers. It also has an updated RC2 damper tune and dual circuit bound. Ideal travel options are from 150mm up to 180mm. This 36 Series is best for an all-round racer and Enduro racers. If you have a knack for long technical descends and looking for a suspension advantage, why not the FOX 36?

FOX 40 Series

Of course, one can’t leave out this world championship-winning design. With a new FLOAT air spring, updated RC2 damper design and dual circuit rebound, this fork is best for those racers who demand a consistent performance with bullet proof reliability from top to bottom, start to finish of each ride.



The all-new FLOAT DPS is FOX’s most capable inline shock. It comes with a new full lockout and three on-the-fly settings: open, medium and firm. The new Dual Piston System (DPS) damper paired with EVOL air sleeve option, which significantly reduces the force to initiate travel, providing brilliant small bump performance and traction, makes it the most wanted shock for trail riders.


The FLOAT X is an all-mountain shock and a winner in the World Enduro Series. With all new EVOL air sleeve option and damping tune with added compliance and control, there is really no excuse not to shred those mountains. The FACTORY Series features 3 clicks of low-speed compression adjust in the Open Mode.


The all-new FLOAT X2 is FOX’s highest performing air shock. It comes with the new Road Valve System (RVS) technology for seamless damping transitions and recirculating oil damper with independent high-and low-speed compression and rebound damping. In other words, it has an excellent compression control without any harsh feel at high velocities—definitely a winner amongst hardcore mountain riders. The main piston even features two valves stacks that are reversible to change tune. This air shock comes in six different sizes, so go crazy!

The 2016 forks and shocks from FOX are game changers, tailoring adventures best suited for each rider. Now, everyone can get his FOX dirty!


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