Tour De Tomohon


Cycling Malaysia flies to Indonesia and joins the five- star fun bike tour.

Wonderful Indonesia: TOMOHON

Tomohon is a hill resort located some 22 kilometers east of Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi province. Tomohon consists of 35 villages in five sub-districts, namely West, East, Central, South and North Tomohon.

Its land contour, cool weather and fertile soil encourage the local community to cultivate various kinds of flowers and vegetables. This city is known as a producer of flowers. When in season, the flower gardens of the local inhabitants look very beautiful.

Annually the Tomohon Flower Festival is held here in June and July. During this event, watch the flower floats parade through the town. A flower tournament is also held during this Festival where participants from 94 cities in Indonesia take part at the Inspiration Hill.

Invitation received: five-star fun and two return tickets to curiosity.

It was easily our permission slip to be curious in our two wheels and turn strangers into friends in the striking city of Tomohon. Team Cycling Malaysia tells you the story of how fitness and fun were rolled into one in this five-star cycling package.


One hundred sixty-eight riders began pedaling from Lake Linow Lahendong, South Tomohon. Blue, green, turquoise—the lake is known for its high sulfur content that throws shadows of light in this array of colors. Alongside the panorama of the lake that constantly changes colors depending on the viewing angle, riders from across regions also brought with them stories to share on the road that added more interesting dimensions to the tour.

“In addition to domestic and foreign tourists such as Japan and Malaysia, the Tour de Tomohon also followed the ranks of Garuda Indonesia, police and local governments,” said event organizer Ferry Palar.

As the only delegates from Malaysia, together with another from Japan, we were immediately introduced to the Indonesian tradition by the lake, right before the flag-off.

It was a hearty welcome with a dose of interesting scare from the Minahasa Tribe Warriors, clothed in cheerful red fabrics, with macaque skulls hanging from their necks, and crowned with a large feathered headdress, dancing and moving akin to roosters ready to spring for a kill in a cockfight. In their fierce glares, their Kabasaran Dance showed more legend and attitude for a welcome greeting.


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