Do you really need an arm cooler and neck cooler?


Let’s be honest.

Everyone loves the warmth, sunshine, and summer cycling.

But while you are taking advantage of the warm weather, the heat kicks in. You will more likely be sweltering under a roasting sun, and a long day in the saddle can really take its toll, which can easily ruin your ride.

It’s always a love hate relationship with the golden rays. Summer cycling may sound perfect, but having to deal with accelerated dehydration and ultraviolet damage is absolutely challenging! 

You don’t want to get any sunburn along the way, you don’t want anything to spoil your plan, then you should really get an arm cooler and neck cooler!

Those miles on your bike isn’t just depending on your legs. With high-tech protection, you will remain comfortable and stay focused all throughout your ride, thus hitting more miles.

With its full arm coverage, the 3M Arm Cooler absorbs and wicks away sweat, delivers advanced cooling effect, and even protects against light abrasions. Featuring cooling construction, you will be kept from overheating, the bitter headwinds, blistering sun, and sustained vibration.

The 3M Cool Arm Cooler shields your skin from the sun’s UV rays with SPF 50+ and excellent breathability. For long rides, it complements you with its high absorbency, wind resistance, and quick drying, so that you would not feel sweaty and sticky on your arms.

Worry not! Just Quality stitching is important for comfort, fit, and durability. It is made of 3D seamless pattern and non-sewing line, minimizing chafing with skin and preventing it from easily slipping.

While 3M High UV Protection Neck Cooler may look like your average wad of fabric, the entire lining is produced in special seamless technology for outstanding wearability. Not only it rapidly absorbs perspiration, but also lowers body temperature by cooling the carotid arteries in the neck. The ultraviolet ray protection keeps neck cool, pleasant and prevent sunburn.

The 3M Neck Cooler has high elasticity and flexibility in all directions. It would ensure you a pleasant bicycle tour by wicking your sweat away and shielding you from the merciless ultraviolet ray.

With these two items, you can set your own personal goals and pedalling up for more expeditions!

So get out there, remember to wear an arm cooler and neck cooler, have fun, and be safe!


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