Why Sunscreen Is Important For Sport Lovers


When I was 22, I noticed how a younger female friend had beautifully and evenly coloured cappuccino-like tone throughout her body. She told me she was a sun worshipper. “Forget about the sun,” I thought.

I was most intrigued by how she cleverly achieved the ‘perfect tone’. I found out that she religiously laid under the sun using a sunscreen with sun protection 5 to achieve it. And she kept applying it throughout the day because she laid under the sun for hours turning every part of her body to achieve perfection.

Little did I realize that in a few years, her skin had wrinkled and she was no longer exhibiting the radiant youthful look a person in their late 30s should have. I used sunscreen and always chose the fully packed sun protection factor. My skin is the largest organ on my body and if it breaks down, I cannot imagine what else could possibly look like the inside of my body!

I have gradually learned how important sunscreen is thwarting UVB rays and the most damaging UVA rays.

UV or ultraviolet rays arrive out from the electromagnetic (light) spectrum that reaches the earth from the sun. I have also realized that UVB rays are not as damaging as UVA. And whenever I thought my skin was starting to ‘bake’ or turn brown, I was exposing myself to harmful rays. It is true, but after discovering what UVA is, I was frightened.

Actually, UVA penetrates deep into our skin’ dermis. And the dermis is the thickest layer. Whenever I had laid under the sun on a beach, even with an effective sun protection factor, it had to be in a reasonable amount of time. UVA damages our skin and causes premature aging and the wrinkling effect that we see in some sports enthusiasts that spend copious amounts of time under the sun.

What is most terrifying is that way UVA can cause gene mutation and has been known to be the cause of different skin cancers. My knowledge and having observed what transpired in my female friend changed my behavior toward the sun!

Here are my five reasons sunscreen is important to me:

  1. Our skin is the largest organ in my body.
  2. UVA damages our skin and causes premature aging and wrinkles.
  3. UVA can cause gene mutation and has been known to be the cause of skin cancer.
  4. UVA rays can pass through cloud and glass. Our skin will be exposed to UVA rays on a cloudy day and while driving and sitting by the window.
  5. Sunscreen keeps our skin healthy against damages caused by UV rays.

Be safe. Be protected.


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