ROAD TO KONA: Progress From April to June


It is no doubt that the road to qualifying for the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii is daunting. It requires dedication, effort, hard work, persistence, and so much more. After the qualification, the long road to Kona requires sacrifice, training, and plenty of preparations. 

After Chee Yong’s recuperation from the diagnosis with Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS), he participated in the first race, 113 OD Melaka – 113 Triathlon Series on the 15th April 2018 which turned out surprisingly smooth.

Despite not being in the best condition, Chee Yong felt that his performance was moderately satisfactory for him as he was able to complete the race and clinch the 3rd place.


After the participation in 113 OD Melaka, he also took part in 113 Desaru 70.3 distance on the 5th May which to him, was the most challenging 70.3 distance triathlon race to date. Started off with a swim, it was released in batches of 10 per wave and due to low tide, the participants had to run a few hundred meters before they could start swimming. Fortunately, Chee Yong had a very steady swim for 2km/2loops.

The bike route was 45km x 2 loops with strong headwinds at the U-turn point. Chee Yong’s mood hit an all-time low at 70km bike leg when he vomited causing his average speed to drop but he managed to make it to T2.

Upon reaching T2, he quickly racked his bike, put on his running shoes and ran off. For the first 2km, he was still not feeling well due to the vomit earlier, and now he had to deal with another problem – stomachache. Nonetheless, he was determined to maintain his pace and finish the race. This wouldn’t be possible if he didn’t have a strong will power to push himself.

At the finishing point, Chee Yong was surprised when he found out he was the champion in his category. It was really out of his expectations given his earlier vomit and stomachache. However, it was a very good learning experience for him in terms of knowing his body condition.

Chee Yong who is on his way to racing in Ironman Kona, albeit the hardship and struggle, is working out his pains, sweats, and tears. He has his intensive training weeks followed by recovery weeks. The range of training and the intensities have increased the closer to the date he races in Kona, with training pushed up to a greater extent.

For the past months, his training sessions include 110km – 180km of long ride (about 5 to 6.5 hours per session), 20km – 25km of long run (about 2 to 2.5 hours per session), swim program, bike trainer program, easy spin, brick workout, interval run (about 1.5 hours per session), easy run, core workout (about 1 hour per session), and currently, he will be starting high mileage training.

Chee Yong’s upcoming races are as follows:

15th July – Port Dickson Triathlon

19th August – 70.3 Bintan

26th August – KID Duathlon 

1st September – Sungai Melaka OD

16th September – Challenge 70.3

13th October – Ironman World Championship Kona (MAJOR EVENT!)

17th November – Ironman 70.3 Langkawi


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