Chee Yong’s Rehabilitation


After clinching the qualification for Ironman World Championship to Kona, it has since been a bumpy ride for the young man. Not only he has to catch up his athletic performance, but also acquire a thoroughgoing training program.

In early January, he has been getting into shape and working out on his own. Unfortunately, not receiving proper training landed him on his biggest nightmare. With a consistent twinge in his knees, he was diagnosed with Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS). It is an overuse injury of the connective tissues that are located on the outer thigh and knee. Although it is the most common cause of lateral knee pain among athletes, ITBS develops as a result of inflammation of the bursa surrounding the ITB and affects Chee Yong in his training that requires continuous running and repetitive knee flexion and extension.

Despite his injured knees, Chee Yong signed up for three races. However, he did not start the first race but finished the other two within a dissatisfying timing.

Therefore, the recovery matters to him, especially when there will only be seven-month preparation for Ironman Kona in October 2018. If he does not spend time recovering, he will not absorb the training and won’t get the results after.






With a consistent twinge in his knees, he was diagnosed with Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS).


Subsequently, Chee Yong took up Physical Therapy and underwent a list of exercises to manage knee-pain. The outcome, fortunately, tuned out equitably better. To further enhance the effectiveness, he thereupon decided to commence his rehabilitation journey. At the end of January, he was introduced to conduct a triathlon swim stroke analysis by Aldrian Yeo, who is a triathlete as well as a full-time triathlon coach.

Everything seemed to get more effective when Aldrian offered to provide Chee Yong a comprehensive rehabilitation plan. Gratefully, both of them came across with an understanding, then embarked on Chee Yong’s road to Kona.

To work the whole thing out, Chee Yong has moved to Kuala Lumpur from his hometown, Pulau Langkawi so that he can entirely focus on his rehabilitation, at a later date proceed with intensive training. Currently, his rehabilitation exercises are done in Setia Alam.

One of the main exercises Chee Yong is doing is aqua jogging.

One of the main exercises Chee Yong is doing is aqua jogging, otherwise known as deepwater running, which is a great way of staying fit while injured. With his use of aqua jogging, he is able to maintain an extremely high level of fitness as the injury heals. It can also be used to supplement his normal running program and give his endurance a boost without giving his legs a hit. Besides, his rehabilitation plan includes a mix of stretching, strengthening, and flexibility exercises. Its goal is to restore Chee Yong’s mobility and keep his muscles strong.

At this time, Chee Yong is still convalescent and when his condition becomes better, he will start an exhaustive and tremendous training with other stronger cyclists.

“I believe. This will be a quick turnaround. My coach has confidence in me. I have faith in the process. I trust my body. I am getting there.”


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