Travel+Bike+Bike Travel Case- Part 1


Taking you bike with your travels can be really fun, exciting and adventurous. Most of the cyclists would bring their best bicycles to make that one great ride, a memorable one.

However, sometimes we will face issues on transporting it, especially through domestic or international flights and face baggage mishandling.


Likewise the case of a cyclist who had a very unpleasant experience with one of the airlines recently, mishandling her bike travel case. (Read her incident here)

However, in view of the incident going viral, the Group CEO of the airline did respond to the incident quickly, by apologizing on behalf of the airline company and taking responsibility for it. (Read his response here)

We spoke to several distributors and retailers in the cycling community to find out more on their take of the viral incident and also more information on bike travel case.

On the Viral Incident with the Airlines Company

Representatives from Quick Sport, Centro Cycles Sdn Bhd and Thule South East Asia Sdn Bhd, mentioned that the mishandling is solely the responsibility of the Airline company.
This is because the bike travel cases are unique in design. There are indications on the cases shows that the contents of the bags is a bicycle, which needs to be handled with care. Mishandling baggage is not uncommon at most countries with international airports, maybe in exception to Japan, where viral videos on how their staff handle the baggage are praised by the netizens.  

How Can We Protect Our Bikes Better in the Bike Travel Case?

Representative from Lerun Industries Sdn Bhd mentioned that some of their customers do add in fillers to their bike travel cases to absorb the impact and shock better. Fillers such as styrofoams pellets, bubble wraps, or even the original packaging wrappers, can be used to ensure absorption of damage can be kept to a minimal. Bike travel cases, can do so much to protect from the impact and shock from the other items during transport. It is advisable to have another layer of fillers to protect the bike, in the case of the viral video, could be minimized and avoided.

How Do You Ensure That The Bike Travel Case Protects Your Bike, Properly?

The most common mistakes that most cyclist do when they use the bike travel case is over-packing. Most of the compartments, slots and zippers provided in the bike travel cases have the adequate space to protect your bike and dismantled parts. When you over-pack the bike travel case, you will be exposing your bike to more damages. Certain parts, screws, tools and loose items can be packed separately to ensure the space in the bike travel case is adequate. This will allow the bike travel case to avoid knocking all the tucked in parts too closely and damaging the contents of the bike travel case during transport.

Read the response of Scicon, the bike travel case that was used by the cyclist in the viral incident here.

In the next part, we will look deeper into the bike travel cases with the distributors and retailers in the cycling community.


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