Kayuhan Negaraku Perak 2017


18th Nov 2017, Perak — More than 700 cyclists showed up at the first series of Kayuhan Negaraku 1 Malaysia at Seri Iskandar, Perak. With the main objective to promote “Nurturing unity over a cycling get-together”, the event flagged off at D Mall Seri Iskandar covering two routes, which were 95km Fellowship Ride and 30km Fun Ride. Riders then passed by Perak Agrotorism Resort (PATRO) as the second water station for regrouping.

The event organiser LGK Sport Dato Sayed stated, “The main objective of Kayuhan Negaraku is to promote unity through cycling activity, it also aims to encourage people on a healthier, better lifestyle from recreational and social perspective. It will also be a great platform to everyone in the bid to create an all-round healthy community.”

Dato Sayed

On the other hand, the event ambassador Rupert Chen commented, “I have completed the Kayuhan Negaraku, 95km Fellowship Ride at Seri Iskandar, Perak. It was a beautiful route with plenty of aid stations, lots of safety marshals and traffic polices controlling the traffic. It was indeed one of the best rides I’ve joined.”

Rupert Chen

Lastly, RM20,000 worth of lucky draw prizes to be drawn at the end of the event and a Modenas Motorbike as the grand prize to be successfully handed over to the winner.

The second series of Kayuhan Negaraku fell on the following day, 19th Nov 2017 at KL Car Free Morning. The third series of Kayuhan Negaraku are expected to be held in Kelantan next January 2018.

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