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10 Questions Every Cyclist Must Answer

“There are a lot of friendly cyclists in the cycling community that’s always willing to help you improve your skills.”


1. How did you pick up cycling? What keeps you motivated?
I just started last year and joined a weekend riding. The Ordex 400 is inspiring me to keep cycling and to set a goal with a positive mindset to finish the ride.

2. What to do or what not to do during a ride?
For safety, we encouraged to always wear a helmet and focus on the road. As there are some cyclists who like to take photos while cycling wherein they will get distracted to notice if there’s a hole in front or a car. It’s actually very dangerous. During the night ride, the bike should have a rear light installed, it’s a must.

3. What’s your worst injury? How do you reduce your chances of crashing?
I haven’t encountered any injury since I started cycling. But I believe, you will reduce your chances of crashing if you have a proper bike fitting.

4. What has been your most memorable ride so far?
The Rapha Prestige 500. I like the challenge of completing the 500km within 5 days’ time. Through that, you can manage your own time and kilometre in order to achieve the target distance. My boyfriend and I carefully planned a 100km ride per day and we successfully completed it.

5. How much of your salary goes into buying cycling products? Would you consider yourself a budget cyclist?
For the past 6 months, I spent around RM15,000.

6. If price does not matter, what is your next cycling upgrade or escapade?
I would like to go to Bali and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Because I also love to use my bike for travelling, like Island riding.

7. How do you train? What are your cycling strengths?
I cycle for 4-5 times a week in a 40km distance. Over the weekends, I cycled longer, around 120km. My cycling strengths are climbing for I used to train in an inter-hill course. That’s why instead of flat roads I prefer uphill.

8. How do you optimise your nutrition, before, during and after your ride?
I’m a health conscious, so I don’t normally eat processed foods. I eat a lot of vegetable and meat instead. Before a ride, I make sure that I do Carbo loading.
After a ride, I tend to eat more protein as my recovery meal.

9. What can you say about ladies getting into cycling?
I always encourage female cyclists to go into cycling. There’s a few campaign for women to further encourage them to participate in cycling events. There’s also some cycling club during weekends to which they can join.

10. Who do you want to cycle with? What are the reasons?
One thing I learned in this sports, is there are a lot of friendly cyclists in the cycling community that’s always willing to help you improve your skills by giving you advice. That’s why I don’t have any specific preference.

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