Ipoh Cycle Fest 2017

23rd – 30th April 2017, Perak

In conjunction with Visit Perak Year 2017, the second edition of Ipoh Cycle Fest was back on track! However, the 2017 version was extended from a three-day to seven-day cycling festival. Held on the same day as GFNY Malaysia, the stage was set to blow your mind with Malaysia’s biggest festival.

Jointly organized by both X Camp Adventure Sdn Bhd and Destinatoin Perak Sdn Bhd, the event was an entire week of high energy, adrenaline pumping action for all ages. It was determined to promote the city as a sports tourism destination.


JCM Night Criterium

  • Muhamad Ridwan B Sahrom 00:32:16 (Boys Under 17 State)
  • Nor Aisyah Munirah BT Che Ku Ramlu 00:20:17 (Girls Under 17)
  • Muhammad Nur Aiman B Mohd Rusli 00:43:39 (Boys Under 19)
  • Nur Fasihah Adilah Binti Mohammad Yusni 00:20:14 (Girls Under 19)
  • Muhammad Fikri Bin Mohd Rizal 00:24:35 (Boys Under 17 Novice)
  • Mohd Harrif Bin Salleh 00:42:28 (Men Open)

Holy Crit

  • Afiq Haznie Othman 00:38:39 (Men Open)
  • Atirah B J.Sam 00:06:16 (Women Open)

Ride + Run Race

  • Mohd Azuan B. Asmuni 02:05:40 (Men Open)
  • Mardiana Mohammad 02:19:25 (Women Open)

Capital Enduro

  • Wee Chong Yaw 00:06:38 (Men Master A)
  • Herman Mann 00:06:43 (Men Master B)
  • Eleazar T Barba JR 00:06:45 (Men Elite)

The Banjaran Quest

  • Muhammad Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi 01:34:55 (Men Elite – Race)
  • Leong Chung Yuen 01:33:05 (Men Master B – Jamboree)

King of Saiong

  • Mohd Aiman Mohd Adnam 00:01:20 (Men Elite – Seeding)
  • Eleazar T Barba JR 00:01:20 (Men Junior – Final)


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