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10 Questions Every Cyclist Must Answer

“Before the ride I think
I can’t do it, then after the ride,
I realized I actually can”


1. How did you pick up cycling? What keeps you motivated?
I pick up cycling through my friends suggestion. Way back in College, they’re all active in sports, as for me, I’m just active in music. I played lead guitar. My motivation then, was to only lose weight. I started with mountain bike for a leisure ride, but as time goes by, I enjoyed cycling even more. And that made me to take this sports, seriously.

2. What to do or what not to do during a ride?
Don’t try overlapping the wheels. Take turns and follow the traffic light.

3. What’s your worst injury? How do you reduce your chances of crashing?
I fell down head first from my mountain bike.
I just got a bit dizzy due to the impact but it’s nothing serious. I’ll reduce my chances of crashing if I’ll position myself in front of a group, for lesser risk.

4. What has been your most memorable ride so far?
The Pulau Indah race. I only have little training during that time, so my plan was to just finish it. But I felt that my legs were in good condition that day so I tried to go in front and ended up in a podium position.
It was really unexpected considering the big names who also participated the event.

5. How much of your salary goes into buying cycling products? Would you consider yourself a budget cyclist?
About a thousand.

6. If price does not matter, what is your next cycling upgrade or escapade?
French Alps. The beautiful sceneries, road challenges and the mountains are all exceptional. The Tour de France kind of route and feeling. For the upgrade, maybe, I’ll change the frame to Cannondale CAAD 12 and the Groupset.

7. How do you train? What are your cycling strengths?
I go for a weekend ride for 2-3 hrs during Saturday, and for Sunday it’s longer about 4 hours. However, for my Pulau Indah race, I asked my friend, Fairuz Izni, who is a freelance coach and ex national gold medallist in SEA Games to train me. He has a Podium Motor Pacing Training package for 5-6 sessions and for night training another 4 sessions.

8. How do you optimise your nutrition, before, during and after your ride?
Before the ride, carbo loading. After the ride, recovery meal.

9. What can you say about ladies getting into cycling?
Cycling is good for self-satisfaction. You’ll feel so accomplished after every race. I recommend them to try riding a folding bike first to strengthen their stamina. And lastly, just keep on pedalling.

10. Who do you want to cycle with? What are the reasons?
Peter Sagan.

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