Winnie Oh

10 Questions Every Cyclist Must Answer

“Cycling enhances my concentration and willpower needed to reach my destination. It also motivates me by keeping me focused in life.”


1. How did you pick up cycling? What keeps you motivated?
I am already into cycling since my childhood days, however I picked up cycling skillfully through a friend who is a cyclist. Also, I have been cycling since 2014. My previous bikes were Merida and Focus before I became an ambassador for Storck Malaysia.

Cycling enhances my concentration and willpower needed to reach my destination. It also motivates me by keeping me focused in life.

2. What to do or what not to do during a ride?
I do not advice cyclists to be a “sotong” (squid), as they do not stay to the right paths when they cycle. It is very dangerous to cycle not per the correct pathway. I refer to them as “sotong” because when squids swim, they tend to move from side to side.

3. What’s your worst injury? How do you reduce your chances of crashing?
I have never experienced any serious injury except minor bruises as I am always a careful cyclist. In order to reduce the chances of crashing, cyclists should obtain proper cycling techniques.

4. What has been your most memorable ride so far?
Every ride is memorable because I get to cycle with different groups of cyclists.

5. How much of your salary goes into buying cycling products? Would you consider yourself a budget cyclist?
My expenses on cycling products are quite low as I am an ambassador for Storck Malaysia. Storck provides me my cycling gears.

6. If price does not matter, what is your next cycling upgrade or escapade?
I would like to upgrade to a lighter wheelset because it enhances my cycling speed.

Also, I hope to cycle in Japan because I enjoy the culture, environment and hospitality.

7. How do you train? What are your cycling strengths?
Each training takes me a minimum distance of 40km, and I train two or three days in a week. My cycling strengths are cycling in a peloton while going downhill, because I can always cycle in an aerodynamic position.

8. How do you optimise your nutrition, before, during and after your ride?
I am a vegetarian, so my nutrition is simple and clean. Before a ride, I would consume a protein shake. During the ride, I would take Accelerade energy drinks. After a ride, I usually go for any kind of food.

9. What can you say about ladies getting into cycling?
Ladies should pick up cycling because of our aging process. Without having to worry about dieting, cycling helps to keep a fit physical appearance as well as improve health. Other than that, cycling also helps to boost your social interaction.

10. Who do you want to cycle with? What are the reasons?
I wish to cycle with Eddie Peng!!! Who doesn’t, right?


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