Pedaling to the Top in Two Wheels with Datuk Naim

He was the deputy chairman of the Melaka Cycling Association, the commission president for BMX, and the Deputy President of the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF). The brainchild of Malaysia’s cycling community, has been involved in the cycling sport for the past 30 years. Cycling Malaysia sat down with the esteemed Datuk Naim himself as he enlightened us on how the idea of KL Car Free Morning came by and the success achieved by Malaysia in cycling.

He began his cycling journey at the young age of nine. He would often cycle alongside his childhood friend in their neighbourhood.The hills and slopes in the village were their racing tracks. They began participating in inter-village competitions during their secondary school years.

Passion is the drive that ultimately propels a person forward to take on more challenges and achieve their dreams. With his passion in cycling is how Datuk Naim became the man he is today. Back in 1982, he was assigned as the Deputy Chairman of Melaka Cycling Association. Initially he started as a secretary, then vice president, until he became the deputy president.

His cycling journey did not just stop there. The Melaka born visionary was the chef de mission for the 2011 Jakarta SEA Games, held the deputy president’s post for over 10 years. He also served as the chairman of the track committee for the Olympic program.It was during his period that the Sime Darby Foundation came in to support the training and competition expenses for Melbourne-based cyclists like AzizulhasniAwang, FatehahMustapa and Josiah Ng, who retired in 2015.

During his tenure with Malaysian Track Cycling, cyclists attained good results at regional, national and international level. “During my watch, I want the cyclists to win the world championship.” Datuk Naim proudly proclaimed. When involved in cycling, he is determined to be the best in the world.

To date, Malaysia has hauled in medals from the SEA Games, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games. He looked after Josiah Ng who is a Malaysian track cyclist that brought home gold in Keirin at the Commonwealth Games, New Delhi in the year 2010. Under his guardianship was also Mohd Azizulhasni bin Awang who secured bronze in individual sprint in 2016 Rio Olympic.

Datuk Naim also spent years pursuing a huge revolution to the cycling community in Malaysia. The revolution came true. The number of cycling clubs have increased. Cycling competitions in all districts have been greater than before. It can be also clearly seen that bicycle shops are attracting more enthusiastic consumers.

However much to everyone’s surprise in August 2016, Datuk Naim resigned from his position as the Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) deputy president. But that did not stop him. Even though he has resigned, he is still providing advices and opinions to the Federation.

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