Heart to Heart, Hub to Hub

A bicycle wheel hub is the heart of your bike’s wheels, it connects the wheel’s rim via the spokes and through which the axle is fitted, allowing the wheel to rotate or spin on sets of bearings.

Up to date, custom-built wheels have become an unaccustomed perspective to mountain bike cyclists, and the art of customization is fading away. The appreciation towards a customized wheelset is growing dim, thus here are several good reasons to revive it!

Choosing your next set of mountain bike wheels can be a disconcerting task given the range of options available. Changing a new wheel hub process is not different from building a new wheelset, as it is vital to make sure that your wheel is properly tuned or trued, riding on a misaligned wheel can be a disaster. The complication of choosing a right hub has also become a factor of the decreasing customization of wheel hub.

Hubs can be forged then machined, or machined-only from billet alloy. When choosing hubs, the most important element is the rear. Look for cassette body materials and points of engagement as this can affect the functionality of a wheel set. The quality of your hubs has a significant presentation on the rotational resistance and rigidity of your wheels.

Nowadays, more retailers offer a complete wheel sets, here we have selected a few MTB wheel hubs for your replacement or upgrade reference.

Now, decide on your considerations. Price, weight, strength, durability, and quality of a hub are what you are pondering on. Why not reward yourself by mastering the knowledge of distinctive hubs, upgrading them and grasping the benefits multiply!

Keep exploring to help you find the best suitable hubs for your needs, as well as your budget! Send it to your nearest professional bike service centre and get the job done perfectly.


XB Racing (XBR-HB01M) – RM880.00

This MTB wheel hub is made for All-Mountain discipline. Made from carbon fibre in the centre, it can be used for aero bladed spokes. In addition, the shell center section saves weight and looks stealthy. XB Racing claims that it is the cheapest carbon hub available in the market, comes with QR and Thru Axle converter for you to select from. Fit for 10 & 11 speed cassette with 6-bolt disc brake mount. Last but not least, the front hub has 2 sealed bearings and rear hub has 4.

Available at Soon Lee Bicycle Shop, 012-438 7323


Chosen (DA8426BX-M15 Front & DA8427BOH-142 Rear) – RM1,378.00

Thick looking Chosen MTB wheel hub has 4 colours to choose from, Black, Red, Grey and Purple. The front hub weighs in at 220 grams with 2 sealed bearings, and it comes with 15mm thru axle with 100mm axle length (9mm QR convertible); whereas the rear hub has 12mm X 142mm width alloy 7075 axle with 4 sealed bearings, weighted 326 gram. Wholly, they have 32 holes with an anodized finish.

Available at Evanda Sdn Bhd, 03-6038 8928


Trailmech XC Hub – RM1,750.00

Awarded as the ISPO Award winner 2015/2016, Trailmech hubs are designed and manufactured for reliability, yet being light-weighted hubs. With AL 7075 T6 body, available in 28, 32 and 36 spokes, alongside 6 bolts mount for disc rotor. The front hub weighted 155g with 2 bearings while rear hub is 280g with 4 bearings. Rear hub with patented Vortex Ring Technology which is capable of transferring greater torque with faster and more reliable lock-in engagement, available in size for QR, 10 X 135mm, 12 X 135mm, 12 X 142 mm. Ready for Shimano 8-11 speed and SRAM 11 speed and XD Driver Compatible.

Available at FIETS Sports Trading, 03-6148 3353


Litepro Folding Bike Hub – RM448.00

Not many choices of wheel hub available for folding bike wheel hub in the market, for fit bike’s aesthetics, Litepro Folding Bike Hub comes in 4 striking colours: red, black, gold and silver. Front hub includes 2 sealed bearings, 20 holes and 74mm hub over nuts, and rear hub has 4 sealed bearings, 24 holes and 130mm hub over nuts.

Available at Yong Advance Cycles, 03-4270 2519


Novatec (D541SB & D542SB) – RM1,199.00

Made with aluminium alloy, Novatec D541SB has a weight of 193g while D542SB is at 370g. 32 holes and come with gauges at 14. The front hub features 2 sealed bearing, however the rear has 4. The hub has an AL7075 of cassette body with its synergy cantilever patented design. In addition to the 42T ratchet, the rear hub also has 6-pawl mechanism which allows a quicker engagement in MTB applications.

Available at R. N. SAMY, 03-6186 2653



Fastace, a Taiwan manufacturer with over 2 decades experience in wheel hub, this sealed bearing wheel hub has 14 gauges. Made with AL7075 aluminium alloy with 32 spoke holes. The front hub weight 136g with 2 sealed bearings and 14 gauges, QR 9 x 108mm axle. Rear hub, on the other hand weighted 266 gram with 4 sealed bearing with 4 pawls, 10 x 135mm axle.

Available at Yong Advance Cycles, 03-4270 2519


Token MTX Hub (TK4925/2) – RM740.00

Strong, light and precisely made, Token forged the shell from alloy and CNC machine away the excess material. It helps to support the spokes and allows for a very strong wheel build. Both front and rear hubs are J-bend spoke type with 32 holes. The front hub has 2 bearings whereas the rear has 4. As per claimed as premium bearing type, the cassette is compatible with Shimano 9-11s & SRAM 9-10s or SRAM XD. Total combine weight 430gram.

Available at Yong Advance Cycles, 03-4270 2519

Hope Pro 2 EVO – RM389.00 (Front) & RM906.00 (Rear)

Hope Pro 2 Evo hubs are with sealed stainless steel cartridge bearings. The hub shell is machined from forged aluminium billet. It features a standard 6 bolt disc fitting and with its unsurpassed reliability, the hubs have 4 pawls engaged with a 24T steel ratchet which is fixed into the hub shell.

Available at KSH TTDI, 03-7727 5173


Chosen Hub A8586BX-M15 Front & A8587BOH-142 Rear – RM1,128.00

MTB wheel, the front hub comes with 15mm X 100mm AL7075 thru axle (9mm QR convertible) with 2 sealed bearing weighted 150 gram, where the rear hub are the 12mm X 142mm width alloy thru axle with 4 sealed bearing. 32 holes with an anodized finish as well as 4 colours to choose from, Black, Red, Grey and Purple. Lighted weighted front and back combined weight 444 gram.

Available at Evanda Sdn Bhd, 03-6038 8928


Chosen A4937B-12S (Rear Hub + Shifter + Cassette) – RM1,238.00

Chosen’s latest 1×12 speed system, and this rear freehub comes with slightly wider than 11 speed slotted section for 12 speed cassette. Available in 32 and 36 holes, with options of 135mm / 142mm and 148mm width. With Doz free wheel cassette, there are wider range of gear ratio from 9T to 42T. It is ideally recommended to pair with Chosen’s shifters and cassettes.

Available at Evanda Sdn Bhd, 03-6038 8928


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