Riding into the Future – Ridea Cranks Up Your Ride

Taiwanese component company Ridea champions their tagline, ‘Ride with Ideas’, which has come to fruition with their range of oval crank rings. Enthusiasm and attention to detail has brought Ridea forward in manufacturin high-performance, lightweight components for both the cycling and motorcycling industries.

Developing parts that enhance and improve performance, Ridea places an emphasis on fit, functionality, practicality and drivability in order to meet the expectations of their customers and their personal preferences.

Ridea products display their unique touch of innovation and creative design, allowing riders to share in their energetic spirit and quest for excellence in performance.


Cycling is all about pedalling efficiency, and Ridea’s oval Powering crank rings aim to raise the bar on that number. Traditional round crank rings have a ‘dead spot’ where your pedalling efficiency is at a minimum when your feet are at the top and bottom of the pedal stroke. What this means is that the Powering doesn’t make your pedal stroke more powerful, it redistributes the power from your legs to the point in your pedal stroke where it is most efficient. The Powering increases the diameter of the crank ring by 1 to 3 teeth where your pedal stroke is most powerful, and reduces it by the corresponding amount at the ‘dead spot’.


The answer would be yes, and no. You will not feel a difference in your pedalling stroke, and there is no adaptation period. What you will feel is that your pedalling stroke and cadence seem to feel smoother and more efficient. You may find yourself riding a lower gear than usual.


Ideally suited for riding where climbs are a feature, the Powering comes with 5 bolt spacing to cater to Shimano, SRAM, FSA and Campagnolo bolt center diameters (B.C.D.). They are available in a range of popular tooth counts, from 50 to 54 for the big ring, and 35 to 42 for the small ring. 4 bolt spacing crank rings are also available for the off-roaders, to suit any cassette configuration from 9 to 11 speeds. For the time trial and triathlon crowd, full aero plate Powering crank rings are also available, ranging in size from 50/35T to 54/42T, giving riders a wide range of options.

Ridea distributed by Ngee Cycle Trading Sdn Bhd and can be contacted at +603-6151 2119


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