The Small Wheel Heritage Show 2015 by Van’s Urban Bicycle Co.


Petaling Jaya, 16th September 2015 – The Small Wheel Heritage Show 2015 was held in conjunction with the Third Anniversary of Van’s Urban Bicycle Co. The event aimed to create awareness that small wheels bicycles have been around for over 50 years now, and are not a recent development in the evolving world of bicycles.

The event exhibited about 10 units of restored small wheels folding bicycles from brands such as Bickerton, Brompton, Classic Hon (Dahon), Duamilla and Moulton. Some of the Moulton on display were AM GT MKII and Huffy Moulton 4 Speed M2101 (Bradford of Avon Made – Export Mode USA) 1964.

A fund-raising activity was also carried out during the event, where RM1400.00 was raised and the proceeds went to the Down Syndrome & Hyper Active Children Care Centre. Alongside, Van’s Urban Bicycle Co. also launched its Le Coq Sportif cycling apparels, the official supplier of the Tour De France Elite Jerseys. Le Coq Sportif Tour de France Premium Authentic Leaders Yellow Jersey and KOM Polka Dot Jersey, among other cycling apparels are also available, with prices ranging from RM300 to RM699.

Perhaps, the first bicycle showcase in an art gallery format, The Small Wheel Heritage Show promotes small bicycles as a new way of transportation in this new age.


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