What does velocity taste like?


We’ve explored the interiors of Velocity Café, and now onto their flavours!

Not only does the latte art on the coffee look good, the coffee itself tastes good! A simple solution to those in need of a caffeine boost to their system.

Velo Wager
With homemade chicken patty in between crispy waffles, served with honey mustard, special dressing and fresh greens, be prepared as your taste buds will explode in a musical “aah”, “mmm” and “yum” from the delicious dish. Who knew such combo is a healthy treat!

Cyclist’s Favourite
Charge up with this power fruit juice! With a colourful combination of the must-have fruits in a cyclist’s diet, there is no doubt this is called the cyclist’s favourite.

It’s all about the Protein
Take the grilled chicken plunge with Chicken Honolulu and Cheese Baked Chicken served with some good ol’ mozzarella cheese and plenty of healthy greens. Can’t beat em’, eat em’!

Velocity Café:
The Challenger Sports Centre, Jalan Taman Putra, Taman Dagang Permai,
Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.


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