Lighting the Way

Leading Bicycle Lighting Supplier Busch And Müller Has Been Producing Innovative And Powerful Cycle Lighting In Germany Since 1925. Their Range Of Cycle Lighting And Other Bicycle Accessories Covers Everything From The Casual City Rider To The Hard Core Touring Cyclist.

Lights are essential safety equipment for all cyclists. All road riders need them for visibility in traffic, night or day, while off roaders should have a headlight should their ride take them through heavily wooded areas, or if the ride takes longer than anticipated. The true assessment of a good bicycle light is through examining its light field. A close look at the depth, width and cohesiveness of the light field, as well as reflected glare and the light/dark boundary are true measures of the quality of light being provided. German lighting specialists Busch and Müller provide bicycle specific lighting to suit different riding needs and requirements. Drawing upon their decades of experience, all Busch and Müller lights and products are made in Germany, and their lighting meets German standards for cycle lights.

Choosing A Headlight

Lights are measured in output, expressed as Lux or Lumen. Lux is the measurement of light at a given distance from the light, while Lumen is the amount of light exiting at the source. It is preferable to choose lights based on Lux, as this is the actual amount of light hitting the road. To provide the best Lux for a headlight, Busch and Müller uses IQ Technology, which is a specially designed reflector that uses a single LED as an indirect light source. SA high output LED is placed above the special reflector that puts it out of the way of the direction of light. This gives a cohesive beam of light that is wider and lights up further.


Being Seen

The greatest danger to cyclists comes from behind, and being seen by other road users is essential. Conventional rear lights use a single reflector that spreads the light wide, and reduces in intensity with distance. Busch and Müller’s Linetec rear lights use a shaped reflector that spreads the light from the single LED efficiently, in a light band that has equal intensity across its width. While being seen as a bright bar of light from far away, Linetec also makes the light seem wider and more intense the closer the approach, called ‘spatial light’. This lets other road users estimate their distance to the light better, and faster.

Another special feature of Busch and Müller rear lights is BrakeTec. Applied to their range of dynamo powered rear lights, and connected to the appropriate headlight, a sensor inside the rear light increases the intensity of the LED when deceleration is detected, performing like a motorised vehicle brake light.

For ride safety, choose a pair of head and rear lights to suit your needs. Ensure they are bright, reliable and provide an adequate spread of light to make you visible to others. Your survival may depend on it.


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